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    During the early 1980's there came into my hands a writing entitled 1619 Prophecy. At the bottom of this writing was a notation which stated that it had been found among the papers of Charles S. Price, a well-known and much-respected servant of the Lord who has gone on to his reward. I knew nothing about the writing except as stated. But the Lord had already begun showing me many of the things of which the writing was a strong and anointed confirmation. It would be years before I even knew who had penned this prophecy. All I knew was that the Holy Spirit had inspired it.

    As I continued studying the prophecy over the years (I do not place this prophecy on a par with the Bible. I use it only as confirmation as it aligns with the Scriptures as I understand them.) I was impressed with the fact that here was one, and probably not the only one, who had a more than elementary grasp of the Scriptures. She evidently had a fairly good grasp on the Lord Himself. I must admit, some things contained in her writings do not lend themselves readily to those not yet weaned from the breast. She speaks wisdom among those who are perfect (mature). Such things are but folly to the natural man and he cannot receive them, but to those who are of full age, it is meat; it is the hidden word of His presence which is able to make one strong in faith to believe all things written concerning Christ Jesus and the complete redemption He has purchased for mankind.

    With the help of some on our mailing list; those from Canada, England and other places, we have gathered all of her writings so that we now know somewhat more about this dear saint of God named Jane Leade. She is said by various religious Encyclopedias to have lived between the years 1623 and 1704. If you are wondering, as I did, how she could have written a paper four years before she was born, the answer is, the date of the 1619 Prophecy is wrong. As was pointed out to me by a sister from England, the manner in which they made their sevens (7's) in her time causes them to often be mistaken for a one (1) these days. We believe therefore, that the 1619 Prophecy is actually the 1679 Prophecy.

    Before I go further, let me caution the reader that in going back in history to check for background and other information concerning people such as Jane Leade, we must keep in mind the prejudices and biases of that time. Many of them still exist today. The era in which Jane Leade lived, just emerging from the darkest period in human history (the dark ages), was not known for its openness to, and tolerance of, truly spiritual things any more than the natural man has ever been since Cain slew Abel. Therefore, it is important when reading the judgments of others (writers of Encyclopedias, etc.) concerning this and other writers, that we take into consideration the fact that Christ has always been outside the camp of traditional religious thought.

    When the term "mystic" was used to describe Jane Leade, it was used to place her in a category near that of witches and mediums. The term simply means, "Relating to mysteries, having insight into spiritual realities not apparent to the senses or obvious to natural intelligence" (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary). Being a mystic is not automatically bad just because it is meant to be so.

    All the prophets of the Old Testament could be stamped with that seal. They were so "far out in left field," according to the conventional religious thought of their day that they were routinely judged and executed by their religious leaders. But their word still stands today as "...a more sure word of prophecy which we do well to look unto." If we are truly committed to following the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, we must be prepared to be called mad, as He was; to be numbered among the transgressors, as He was; to have our names evil spoken of, as His was. By the definitions of her day Jane Leade was in very good company. By the definition of the natural-minded, not only were the prophets mystics, but so also were Jesus, the twelve Apostles, the Apostle Paul, Stephen, Philip, John of Patmos, and a whole host of others who thought of it as nothing more than the normal life in the Spirit.

    From all accounts, Jane Leade apparently organized a group into what was called The Philadelphians around the year 1693, in London which was quite popular for a time. Then there arose such a clamor from traditional quarters that they voluntarily disbanded it but continued to meet privately. It was presumably named after the sixth Church of Revelation 3:7. She was said to have been a disciple of Jacob Boehme through his writings (a German mystic 1575-1624), though she went farther than he ever did in revelational understanding. She was born the year before he died. This Philadelphian Society, which her son-in-law led, flourished for about 10 years. During this time she was apparently vilified and ostracized. God is faithful to see that this almost always attends The Truth. It weeds out the half-hearted and merely curious.

    Apparently the 1619 (1679) Prophecy and her other disclosures came by open vision or rapture as she was caught up in spirit and shown such things as she relates, thereby becoming a kind of heavenly spy sent ahead to bring back a report as to that inheritance awaiting its obtaining by those who dare to believe God. Nor is she the only one to have seen such things. We want to expose the reader to this and other writings of Jane Leade's with the hope of awakening in each the desire to lay down all that pertains to this life for the benefit of all that pertains to the fullness of His life.

    Nor was Jane Leade the only person to whom God has revealed such things. Martha Wing Robinson, of Zion, IL, USA, was another such dear saint of God to whom it was given not only to see such things, but who was allowed to enter into them in a measure few have known until now. From all accounts in her book, Radiant Glory, (I do not have it or an address for it) she was enabled to walk experientially in, "no more I, but Christ," for many years until her death. The encouraging thing about her experience that I feel compelled to share is that she said she was made to know that this was not for a few, but for many in the latter part of this age.

    Therefore, it is with joy that we make this book available to all who are willing to be conformed unto His death that they might also know Him in the power of His resurrection. We refuse to charge for this publication, making it available to those who send for it so long as the Lord supplies the means to continue. Should we run out of books and the means to have more printed, we will not be able to continue to send them out. You would be very surprised to hear of some of the places these books have gone simply by the Holy Spirit. We feel strongly that this is something God desires to supply to the Body of Christ at this time and we fully expect, because of their content and spirit, that they will continue to be in demand for another 1,000 years. We are obviously in oil-buying time, which is already beginning to overlap with lamp-trimming time. The time is at hand.

    We have also printed it in Spanish. Since writing this book, the Lord has sent us most, if not all, of her other writings and we are presently in the process of making them available to the Body also. A listing of other writings of Jane Leade may be seen at the following section of this website: 

    Hard copies may be obtained by writing to:

Sigler Ministries
PO Box 26695
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Other Jane Leade books:


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