The Ark of Faith
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For the further Confirmation of the Same,

Together with A Discovery of the New World



    There is a cry that hath gone forth from the heavens these past several years for the preparing and building of an Ark(1) for the Lord's redeemed ones, and I am at this time, in order to commence this work, again reminded of some former prophecies that were altogether forgotten by me. But the Spirit of Wisdom hath now presented them to me afresh, telling me that they were in this day to be looked into in order for Faith to then be revived and prayer invigorated, that the heavenly powers and constellations,(2) cooperating with this faith, might bring down the Golden Floods of Love to cover the Earth. This is so that it may bring up and resurrect what has lain under Death; that is to say, a Resurrection Body of pure Spirit(3) in a new springing Paradise, which is the New Earth so much prophesied of, in which righteousness must dwell.

    The signs of the superior heavens do signify that the time is very near at hand for the accomplishment of all these.(4) For which end there was shown to me in this vision an Ark, but it (the Ark) was declared to me to be no less than the substance of the whole Triune Deity(5) who would suddenly send forth ambassadors from Himself who are to be the Firstfruits(6) of the Bride, to gather in all who were to make up the whole Jerusalem-Bride whose habitation is prepared in Wisdom's wonderful Paradisical realm.

    Wherefore it was not long after I had received the first manifestation and figurative opening of Faith's TREE from the Spirit of Faith growing in me, before I had further notice given of an ARK. Into this ARK, were those of Faith's Archers to be received, who had hit the mark. A little more than a year later, I had another free communication with my Lord concerning this matter as follows. The latter part of this communication, among many other of my papers, has been lost. This which has been preserved by the all-wise Giver of it, will, I know, be of service and life. Therefore I have been prevailed upon to insert it here, though I am not able to recall what went before or followed after it.

February 21, 1687

    Being upon my internal watch in the pure stillness of my mind, this Word came to me saying, "The Ark of Faith, which the Lord hath been these many years raising and building, is not yet pursued and is little understood, although warning upon warning and sound upon sound have gone forth for preparing and building such an Ark as may float upon the broad River of the Holy Ghost." Then I was touched by this saying of my Lord, being made conscious of how He had opened to me this effectual door and mystery faith, charging me to keep to the rules of it. Then, upon this word I questioned as to whether I had kept precisely to it, as I had received command to do. Whereupon the Spirit prayed in me, "Lord God Omnipotent, if I have been negligent, show it to me." I was also enabled to pray much more to that effect, my heart being enlarged to do so. Then it was revealed and said to me: "Thou hast been learned and taught as another Noah, to prepare and build an Ark of Faith in this invisible world. Therefore slack not, but go forward and I will strengthen the studs and stakes thereof which shall be as stable as gold which shall be laid in as a firm bottom."

    The Spirit further said to me that there was one known by name that should have the same Spirit of Faith to agree and build with me, and that we would be enabled to strengthen one another's hands mutually in order to carry out this great work, as (if they were) male and female in one person or Spirit. Therefore, we were appointed to be the first to enter this Golden Ark of the Presence, when reared up. It was said that we should receive further notification as we were found waiting diligently hereupon.

    Then it arose further in me to question the Great Master and Builder hereof as to some things relating to its fabric. He answered me most freely as to whatever my spirit was made to inquire after. But the particulars of this matter being obliterated and passed away, the same Divine Spirit that was then present in me and ready to dictate whatever was needed to be known by me, hath now (after many years) revealed, and brought again to my internal sight, this Ark of Faith, in the following manner. I am commanded to declare and publish it for the information and encouragement of all those seeking to be redeemed from the earth and who would enter into this Ark.(7)

February 19th, 1688

    Then the Great Captain of the Ark of Faith, Christ Jesus, did steer the Ark which, with flying wings did swiftly pass and land us in the New Paradise. There we were received by the Divine Magus'(8) and Masters of the Faith who understood the mystery of miraculous faith. This was a wonderful place, the likes of which I had never seen. The walks were all paved as with transparent gold, and several temples(9) were here in which these Elders in Priestly Robes all glittering did pay their homage to the Great and Mighty King by whom they do all their great works and create that which never had been. Then we were led out to view the pleasant trees and groves for delight and recreation.

    The trees did seem to be of pure gold, and the branches seemed to be laden with diamonds and a variety of precious stones. Besides which, there were trees also laden with all sorts of precious fruits for food, and rivers with fountains flowing with spiced wine, and cups and flagons round about the fountain. So we were called to drink at these fountains and to eat of these fruits, being entertained by the Magi (spiritual sages), to whose care we were committed by the great Shepherd of this fold. They were to usher us back to the Ark to bring in others and transport them there. This was accordingly done.

    After which it was said to me, this Ark doth represent the Body of Faith, of which the Lord Christ is the Head, of whom the Church that is to be gathered into this, is the Bride, the Lamb's Wife. Then did it float and fly with great force with outspread banners, and a mighty angel that was in it did sound forth his trumpet that all who would come forth out of the Babylonish Confusion(10) should have admittance. At this alarm, different ones came in, the mighty Spirit of Cyrus resting upon some, the Spirit of Elijah upon others, of Nehemiah and Zerubbabel upon a third sort, of Gideon, Barak and Deborah upon others, of Miriam, Huldah, Dorcas and Lydia upon some, of Titus and Onesimus upon others, with the beloved Mary, Martha and Hephzibah,(11) with numerous others, both males and females, who were unknown of this and other nations.

    For they flocked from the utmost parts of the earth as doves to the windows of this Ark,(12) having heard the report of this Good Land from those who had been sent there to spy it out (as the dove did on her first outing). When thus the Ark was filled, it was steered to this Paradisical land by a principal angel sitting at this helm. At this destination they were landed with a joyful greeting and had all their tents here prepared for them. This was said to be the plantation for the virgin Philadelphian Church, which has in a former treatise been described.

    Upon asking whether all were now landed, it was answered by the Spirit of Wisdom, "No." For the Ark was not to rest or cease, but to continue gathering others in until the full body of the first resurrection state(13) was completed and brought here to put on their immortal robes (the new body: Ed.) for the triumphant consummation of the marriage of the New Jerusalem Bride. This is a wonderful mystery which will be better understood in its day of fulfilling. We are to wait for this fulfilling in great clarity of mind and sanctity of heart, in pure and perfect dedication and separation(14) from all that is gross and vulgar, for none else can have admittance into this Holy Ark but such as are fully and wholly purified by faith.

February 20th

    Here I thought to have stopped, not knowing there should be any further addition from the Spirit of my Lord, but the next morning, February 20th, all was opened to me again. The Ark descended, and a commission was given from the Lord to the Beloved John to steer it, with some few names birthed into the Love, and practitioners of the high Mystery of Faith, who were to abide here with him. These acted as Heralds, to proclaim the Love-Message. The command further instructed them to call in such as were willing to leave the land of the curse after hearing the report concerning this new-found Paradisical land, and to untangle themselves from the sensitive principle so as to be disciplined into the Faith.

    So accordingly, as report was made by these persons of what they had seen in this New Paradisical country, the strength and power of Faith and Love did so manifestly appear and give such a witness in those that were in this Ark that they did attract many from all parts.(15) And when the appointed number was fulfilled, the beloved Great Apostle spread out the wings of the Ark, in which were fixed the piercing eyes (omniscience: Ed.) that did see the way by which they were to move until they came to this goodly land. They then delivered up His charge to the Princes and Governors of this land.

    These Princes and Governors received all with an amiable reception, telling them that this climate was of a transforming quality which would put another kind of Body upon them which was of great agility, purity and clarity and the old body should be swallowed up into this along with all its infirmities. Then a roll was given wherein were written certain rules(16) which they were to obey as the Laws of this Kingdom. The Kingly Shepherd did show Himself a pattern and said, "Ye are to act and work as Myself has done and acted as an obedient Son to the Father. What ye have seen Me do, that are ye also to do as followers of Me, for hitherto the Father works and I work, and ye must be fellow-workers with Me, as risen with Me. Therefore must all your works now be by the faith of My operation in you."(17) Then the roll was read to these that were now landed as it had been to those who were admitted before, to be inhabitants.

The Laws of the High and Holy Calling,
that are to be Observed by those who

are admitted into this Paradisical Land.(18)


bullet    These are the particulars of that Holy Calling which all in this place are to profess.


"I. The first of these is to learn of Me (saith JESUS), to be lowly and meek in Spirit, even as I am, being contented with no lesser degree. This is the first fundamental qualification, for My Lily(19) grows only out of such a ground as is all leavened and of an even temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, moist or dry, but found always in contrition and humility,(20) from whence exaltation to higher things shall certainly arise.

"II. The second degree which ye are to take from hence is to understand the manual operation of the hand of faith by which the goodly tent(21) must be wrought for Shem and Japheth to dwell together in great and full enlargement. For through the exercise and nimble activity of this hand, all provisions shall be brought in from the bridegroom and bride to live upon.

    Editor's remark inserted here: I cannot pass this paragraph without commenting upon it at length and do not feel it proper to do so in the small print of a footnote. Upon reading, "The second degree which ye are to take from hence is to understand the manual operation of the hand of faith by which the goodly tent must be wrought for Shem and Japheth to dwell together and for full enlargement," it is easy to see that this statement could very easily be taken by the carnal mind as having racial implications. That is not so. If it were, I would be done with all of Jane Leade's writings for good, but such is not the case. As we all know, Noah had three sons rather than just the two listed here. In the above statement, Ham, whose descendants are of the black race, is significantly omitted.

    There are those who would take such an omission in the wrong sense, but I refuse to allow her writings or anything to which my name is attached to be taken or used in that wrongful sense. In Christ there is neither Jew (Shem) nor Greek (Japheth), there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, and therefore, we may equally add, there is neither black nor white, there is nothing of the old creation! In Christ there is only Christ! Being a Jew adds no virtue, being a Gentile gives no advantage and being of African heritage certainly is not a disadvantage. We are all on the same level ground at the foot of the cross. I should not even have to address this subject were it not for some who want to bring into Christ their biases and prejudices, but in this day it seems warranted to leave no base uncovered.

    In Genesis 9, after Noah had awakened from his wine-induced sleep and had found out the transgression of Ham, we find the passage Jane Leade uses for the basis of the statement in question. Noah proceeds to bless Shem and Japheth and to curse Ham's descendants, yet none of this has anything to do spiritually with Shem or Ham or Japheth themselves! All the blessings of God find their ultimate fulfillment in their spiritual application and portent and they are spoken to the spiritual man.

    All the curses of God find their antidote and cure in Christ, God's ultimate blessing to all mankind. That is the primary reason they are so often and so consistently misused by the carnal man. "When men attempt to access the scriptures over the threshold of the soul -- which is comprised of the mind, will, intellect and emotions -- the Bible itself becomes a formidable tool for the purpose of concealing God's great mysteries." End Quote by Elwin Roach.

    "And he said, cursed be Canaan (Ham's son); a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren (Shem and Japheth and their offspring). And he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem and Canaan shall be his servant" --Genesis 9:25-27. Beloved, if you have been born again into Christ and are thereby a part of the great family of God, you are no longer under any of the limitations imposed by any law or curse given to the natural man. You are blessed in Christ with full rights to all that is His!

    But let us look at what the Lord was saying to us, using these three men as types of a spiritual precept.

    "The forms of life which regeneration produces are as different as Shem, Ham and Japheth; for a man is composed of body, soul and spirit, a wondrous compound of very different worlds. Of each, a germ or seed buds out within, produced in man, as Noah's three sons, before regeneration, which after the flood show whence and what they are, and their respective natures, whether of the body, or of the soul, or of the spirit; whether Ham, Japheth, or Shem, whose very names tell what they are. They are very different, and yet all fruits of one common regeneration.

    "There is first and highest, the contemplative (mystical) life, which delights in things unseen, in adoring love and holiness. Then there is the active life, which is good, and does good, but deals more with external things. Besides these two, there is the doctrinal life, a mind occupied with truth, without the savour and power of it. A form of life which, though growing out of the regenerate mind, is nigh to evil and must be subdued and fought against. Shem is the first of these (the contemplative life), Japheth is the second (the active life), and Ham is the third (the doctrinal life). For Shem, meaning name, represents that mind which, knowing the Name which is above every name, --that God is a Spirit, and they who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth, --is set, as names are set for things, to witness for His Name and so reflect something of Him.

    "Japheth, that is, enlargement, goes forth in the sense of the freedom which is the portion of the regenerate soul, to spread abroad upon the face of the earth something of that large blessing which God has given.

    "Ham, signifying burnt or black, is that mind which is "seared as with a hot iron:" knowing but not living in the truth, and thus producing Canaan, that accursed form of life which is the inevitable fruit of a life of doctrine without love or communion.

    "In point of honor, Shem stands first, but in their development, Japheth's and Ham's sons are given before Shem's, showing what indeed is proven by all experience-- that the highest life in us is the last to develop. "Of these was the whole earth overspread." Hence spring all the forms of regenerate life, good, bad or indifferent." End of quote, from Types In Genesis, pages 132 &133 by Andrew Jukes.

    So, what the Spirit is conveying to us has only to do with which, among the contemplative, active and merely doctrinal minds, is going to inherit with each other. Jane Leade, in all her writings, bears witness to this. That which shall inherit the goodly tents of Shem, the contemplative and highest mind, is that mind which is not only a hearer, but a doer of the Word by the Spirit. We are therefore, once again by our dear sister in the faith, cautioned that these deep and profound truths, revealed and shared with us, are for the purpose of our walking in them rather than revelling in them as nothing more to us than mere doctrinal stances which we believe and agree with and own as ours, while not at all living in them.

    We are, therefore, to know that His Name/Nature (Shem/Spirit) and subsequent Enlargement (Japheth/Converted and Subdued Soul) shall dwell together in the goodly tent of the new spiritual body (New Earth and New Heavens) to the complete exclusion of that mindset which is merely doctrinal (Ham/Body and Sensibilities of the Outer Life, that is, Mere Doctrine), having a form of life but denying the power thereof. --End of Editor's comment.

"III. A third particular relating to your High Calling is to attend and officiate in the Most Holy Inward Court, there to wait and be at hand to receive evermore fresh commands, and also to hear and learn what further is required in order to reach the highest accomplishment of nature's most perfect restoration.(22)

"IV. The forth particular or Law, is to come to a putting forth of all the essential properties into activity according to what ye have seen and been instructed from the Father and Me, stirring up the Gift (the Holy Spirit: by Ed.) so that it may not lie useless within you in any degree.

"V. Ye are not to think it sufficient that ye have learned part of My calling, but ye are in this place to learn all, even to the full unity according to the example which I have set for you. Therefore, come set your hand of faith to work and act as I your Lord have done. I expect you to come up to those measures which I have set before you. I am, and will be to you, the same flowing Source of Life-quickening Power, if called upon, that I was when planted in your likeness.(23)

    "Behold! I am at hand to do as great and mighty works as ye are able to receive. So will I imprint not only the image of purity, but of power, upon you that ye may fully be made partakers of My profession. My profession doth not only consist in Love, Meekness, Gentleness, Patience, Wisdom, and Soundness of Judgment, but also in the Faith of Omnipotency.

    For in My calling it is not only requisite to have Light and Understanding to find out the Mystery of this High Art, but Strength and Might to work out the same from the Eternal Divine Magia Root, from whence the birth and power doth proceed. Now before ye can be proficients and practitioners in all things answerable to your President herein, ye must come to be strong and find ability to turn about that which moveth the Creating Word by which all lost dominion may be renewed. But what can draw that Creating Word forth except that which is equal in might in itself? Such will be found out if the Will-Spirit sinks deep into its own central root.

    From this central root within, the Life-sappy power may spring which shall do miracles at will. This was the principle work and business belonging to My calling, which I did on the earth and I am now appearing again to walk and to be admired through the raising again of this mighty power. This power shall wonderfully work in all of you that have ceased now to live promiscuously in that low temporizing state out of which I have called you, so that ye might be capable of this worthy and honorable vocation. But all must be done in exactly, and according to, the method that I have shown to you so that ye abide not only in the hopes of such things, while circling about, but coming to the very manual exercises themselves, ye may reap and live upon the benefits which this pure sublime calling shall abundantly bring in. Such a reaping is not only of bare grain that is for, and to, your own accounts, which must be the least in your eyes.

"VI. For Abel-like, ye are to bring the Firstfruits of this high intangible calling to sacrifice all in a flaming oily perfume unto your Great Melchizedek.

"VII. Further ye are enjoined to feed upon no other fruits but what the Tree of Faith doth give forth. I am that Tree which ye must feed upon. All other trees are forbidden, which nourish up the life of the sensibility.(24) Therefore, fix your eye and center your heart upon that which may nourish up this birth of faith until it reaches its full maturity. Then it will come to understand what sovereignty and dominion it is entitled to as a King and Lord over all."

    Then I queried with my Lord, "What was meant by those trees which I had seen all laden with precious stones and the trunks of them of such fine Gold?" To which it was answered me that those did run parallel with the New Jerusalem, representing the Bride of the Lamb that was thus to be adorned. For it was shown me that these trees were representative figures of those who were brought into the Ark and landed here. Their clothing was to be in such variety of sparkling glory that should be always fresh and flourishing from the golden sap of faith.

    Then I queried further of Him Who showed me these things, "Whether it were possible for mortals whose dwelling was in this lower world to know such a translation as this?" It was thereupon replied, "There is no less a thing defined. The time and age for this is already come to some who stand in the inward figure as representatives and who are transported into this mystical land in spirit. But they must be in obscurity(25) until the hand of Power shall rend away the veil (Isaiah 25: 6-8) that hath been as a covering upon this glory. In them the faith is yet growing and when it shall reach to the strength of a full body, then ye shall see the wonders fly from each of these bright, lustrous trees, which shall multiply numerously in the New Paradisical Earth."

    It was then further said, "To you who are attentive to My sayings, and shall be obedient to My rules, I will put no other burden upon you but to hold fast the faith which springs from the Golden Stem of Love. Therein your strength shall be to move as anointed Cherubs. Still, you shall find your rest in Me where no annoyance can ever be, for this is a New Time in which the New World will appear. Therefore spare ye not to declare and proclaim it. By this, now let all understand what a wonderful time is at the door."

    Upon which my spirit was made to cry, "O Mighty Alpha and Omega, arise Thou and gather, by thy great power and strength, into this Ark such as are to make up the First Resurrection-Body, to whom Thou wilt be the Head, the Crown, the Joy and the Glory. Verily, this is the time in which Thou wilt send forth Thy Messengers that shall sound the Jubilee Horn and pour out therefrom that rich anointing oil to consecrate a Priestly Race that shall mind no other thing but to pursue and follow after that which is highly divine. For which there is this day great travail!

    O God, let not the Lordly birth, which is the King and Heir of Faith, any longer delay. Let Thy mighty arm and hand take hold of it that there may be no more drawings back, but the Son of Joy and Laughter we may see. For surely the Virgin Bride is preparing herself in expectation that her Kingly Bridegroom will no longer delay, but make speed and come away so that all who have waited in the Faith to see this Resurrection State may be redeemed from the earth. And in this New World, do Thou, O Great Shepherd, plant us as Trees of Righteousness and Glory, circling about Thee Who art the overspreading Tree of Life and splendorous Brightness under Whose shadow we shall grow most fruitfully.

    Neither pray we for these Firstfruits alone, but that a plenteous new sowing of thy Spirit may go forth to bring in the rest of the harvest that lieth yet as under Death and Barrenness. For thou hast said thy Ark shall not take its rest until it has made its flight to all corners of the Earth. The Trumpet of Thy Love shall send forth such a loud Cry throughout all Nations that they may be constrained to fly as swift dromedaries and bring their offerings into thy sacred Ark. Even so, Blessed JESUS, let all these prophecies be fulfilled, both what hath been given in past ages and hath been of late so plentifully renewed through them whom Thou hast chosen for this end.

    Though they are not worthy to be named, yet they are known by name in Thy book of Life, which is sufficient. They shall never cease or take up any rest until Thou hast made a glorious, spotless Church upon the Earth to appear as a Flying Ark with Banners, whose eyes may go forth as lamps of fire to gather in the whole Priestly and Heavenly Host from all Quarters and parts of the Earth. Even so, as the Triumphant Church, shall we sing the Song of our Redemption, Glory, Glory, Glory to the Triune King! Even so, Amen, Amen!"

1.Of course, it must be borne in mind that Jane Leade is speaking figuratively of building in a spiritual sense, much the same as when Paul referred to himself as a "master-builder." The Ark referred to here is that place of union with the Father which results in the actual manifestation of Him in us as the essential element of our being, even as Christ did when on the earth. "And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in His temple the ark of His testament: and there were lightenings, and voices, and thunderings and an earthquake and great hail" --Revelation 11:19. The temple here is you and the Ark in the temple (which has been shut until now) is Christ in you! It is through Him that our union with the Father is effected. Jane Leade is saying, in other words, that she has been commissioned by the Father to build you up in that faith which will produce a fully-matured Christ in you.

2. Once again, we are to understand that she is not speaking in any sense of those natural, physical stars or powers when speaking of constellations or powers. We are to know that those things which are not seen (spiritual things) are understood by those things which are seen (physical things). It is very likely that everything in our physical creation has its spiritual correspondence in the New Creation of Christ.

3. What is a Resurrection Body of pure spirit? It is a body that is not earthy and which does not therefore tend back to the earth from whence it came. It is the spiritual body which is gained in the first resurrection by faith. The essence of this body is spirit and because it is spirit and came from God, it has a natural tendency toward ascension back to God from whence it came. This term, resurrection body, is to be understood on two levels. One, it is the individual body one gains in the first resurrection out from among the dead, and two, it is that corporate body comprised of all those who have partaken of said resurrection. This is the Paradise from which Adam fell, the one in which Jesus lived. This New (spiritual) Body is the New Earth in which dwells righteousness. The glory of the Lord covers this earth as the waters cover the sea.

4. It would seem to me that "the time is very near" for anyone to whom such mysteries are being opened. I do not believe that when we read, as in the book of The Revelation, about all those "things which much shortly come to pass," that God is speaking with reference to a calendar, anyone's calendar. Instead, He is speaking to anyone in any age or time, that if these profoundly deep and weighty matters of His Spirit and purpose are being opened to you, the time (for you) to enter in is very near, indeed. Whether that is what He actually means or not may be debatable to some minds, but regardless, it has been the case with Enoch, probably with Moses, with Elijah, probably with Paul and even Jane Leade.

5. Jane Leade speaks often of "the Triune Deity," and of "the Trinity." Before we take issue with her for her use of the word, Trinity, look and see how she uses it. Clearly she does not believe, as does Roman Catholicism and most of her Protestant Daughters, that the Trinity is three persons. She seems to use the term in its purest sense; to signify three distinct manifestations of the one Deity, of the one God.

I have been often chided because I will not lay aside my belief in the Trinitarian-like view of God. That is, God manifesting Himself in three distinct aspects. There are those who hold to one in the God-head, others hold to two in the God-head and still others who believe that the God-head shows the One God in three manifestations. These three stances exist because there is something to be said for each, and in the end, we can only see what we've been allowed to see. The fact that man, who was created in the image of God, is a triune being consisting of spirit, soul and body, seems to say to me that God is also. There are also many scriptures which, to my mind, seem to also support the Trinity of God.

6. In other words, there will be those who shall break through first, ahead of the main body, who shall be instrumental in helping the rest on toward that same quality and maturity.

7. Does it occur to you that, as this sentence indicates, death does not in the least hinder God's use of an instrument. Her ministry and usefulness continues to this day with the same unabated anointing and authority as when she lived and breathed in a body of flesh? We should never limit God by any means.

8. Do not allow this word, which has, over the intervening years, become almost solely occultic in meaning, to alarm or distress you. The word, Magus, comes from the same root as magi and pertains to the wise, or to wisdom. The three wise men who travelled to Bethlehem were called Magi.

9. Please keep in mind that these things are shown to her as being representative only and are not to be taken as literal.

10. This Babylonish Confusion which she speaks of here can be no less than the religious confusion brought forth by man-made religion and its dogmas and creeds. This coming-out entails not only a leaving from the immediate influence and restrictions of the physical religious systems and memberships of men, but it also has reference to that cleansing which the Holy Spirit works within the individual in order to set him free from the carnal reasonings and doctrines of men. There is a very real quitting of the Babylonish State and returning to the City of God in a spiritual sense, even as Nehemiah, as a wonderful type, reveals. Not everyone returned in the first exodus from Babylon, in fact, very few did so. Many had made such a life for themselves in Babylon that they had no desire to leave it for the unknown. Only those whose hearts God had touched had a desire to return with Nehemiah. Later, after the restoration was well underway, there was a more inclusive and general exodus and return.

She mentions that all this is to take place upon the sounding of a trumpet. Of course, throughout the Bible, the use of the word, trumpet, signifies a message going forth. There is a message now going forth whose content is very clear. "Come out of her, My people!" Some are hearing and are responding and not only are the walls being restored (the true testimony of Christ), but there is about to be the rearing up of the true temple of the Lord. It shall be recognized as that true Temple of Wisdom, of which Solomon's temple and reign was but the type.

11. She is speaking here of the various anointings under which those whose names she mentions moved during their lifetimes in order to fulfill their callings. The listing of these names by Jane Leade is simply a method of signifying that those coming forth under this new reign will have various assorted anointings and callings given them for the accomplishment of their particular and individual commissions. This great army of God will be comprised of those who know what it is to keep rank. They will not push against each other or attempt to extend themselves or their God-given authority beyond the limits granted them by their Commander-in-Chief. These are purified, rarified vessels in whom all egocentric or self-centered workings have been utterly dealt with and no longer exist in mixture with co-deification.

12. This is, in type, those holy souls who shall first, dove-like, search out to see if the waters of iniquity have sufficiently abated and, secondly, be the first to inhabit the New Creation. They do tend toward the windows of heaven through which they shall shortly be set free to go through, into that New Creation realm. But first there is to be a deluge of Holy Spirit.

13. Here we have reference to the first resurrection state, which indicates, as I firmly believe, that the first resurrection is not an event which is to take place perhaps out in a graveyard, but a person whose name is Jesus, and who is within you. The first resurrection is inward and spiritual. It is already underway, for you have been crucified with Christ and are raised to walk in that newness of life, which is Christ. God is currently unveiling as much of His Word and purposes as we are able to receive, and much more is soon to be revealed.

14. Anyone who has read much of Jane Leade's writings, realizes that this refrain of separation is one heard repeatedly throughout them. There is an utterness about these writings which is consistent and sobering. We are left with the undeniable conclusion that no entrance into such a realm can be had without this utterness or the inward workings of the faithful Holy Spirit.

15. These two, Faith and Love, shall be so pronounced as an acting power in and through those initiated or birthed into this purified region that there will be a great constraint upon others to come and be a part of it also. Faith, which worketh by Love, shall be the new coin of the realm by which all lingering needs of the physical body are provided for. It is not to be supposed that this is a normal faith or a gift of faith. It is the super-natural Faith of God which is able to extend itself as high as only God can reach. Nothing shall be impossible before such a faith. By this acting Faith, moving from the ground of Love, the entire face of this fading rose of a fallen creation shall be completely renewed into the Lilies of the New Creation, for these first plantings from whom all this is to be enacted are the first springing Lily-plants of that new order of humans made in the likeness and image of God.

16. It is not to be speculated that the keeping of these rules was to be done in any slavish or legalistic spirit. All is worked and accomplished from that highest of all of God's laws, the law of Love written upon the tables of one's heart by the Holy Spirit. Merely keeping rules, any rules, merits nothing. It is the inward work and transformation (accomplished by the Holy Spirit) which produces a true keeping of such rules that God is after. It must be of grace, else we might have whereof to boast.

17. This is the basis for all work to be done in the Lord. It is not to be undertaken because we feel we are qualified, or because we feel we are up to it, or because it seems possible. When we are authorized by the Lord to do some particular thing, we are to do it strictly on the grounds of faith, meaning, even after we are certain that we have heard from the Lord, we are equally certain that we cannot accomplish it without the supernatural authority, empowerment and active faith of the Lord. When we have heard the Word of the Lord come to us, there is also sent along with that Word, the faith to do whatever is contained in that Word, for faith cometh by hearing the Word of God.

18. Once again, it is not to be supposed that these are Laws which, if one keeps, certain virtues and spiritual stature are obtained thereby. Nothing of the sort. The Laws of the Kingdom are as spiritual as were those laws called the Ten Commandments of which it is said, "The law is holy and just and good." There was never anything wrong with the Law, it did what it was meant to do, reveal the weakness and complete inability of flesh to live it out. These laws are meant for those who are alive from the dead, who walk in Christ's life of the Spirit and who, as such, find that such laws are in perfect agreement with their spiritual tendencies, as if they were actually written upon their own hearts.

19. This Lily here spoken of is none other than that rising life within you called Christ! It is that life that is without toil or care as to the concerns of the outward physical life, all things having been committed to the care of Him who feeds the sparrow and clothes the grass of the field with more glory than even Solomon's. Only the Lily-life is qualified for habitation in this rarified realm. We hear many professions in this day of those who say they have "arrived" and are living in all that the Lord holds out to us, but where are the evidences of that otherworldliness lived only by the Lily-plantings of the Lord? Where are those who are able, not only to point at such exalted attainment, but to minister to others out from that glory of co-deification that they profess? They are not to be found, but shortly, very shortly, they shall evidence themselves to us. Not as some great ones who have the inside track on all deep and profound truth; not as great ones who must be looked up to and admired as such. No, these shall come to us clothed in His garments of meekness, humility, patience and love. The smell of His garments are as the fresh, invigorating, clean smell of Lebanon and therefore, from their lips drop words of revelation and power as honey from a honeycomb.(Songs of Solomon 4:11).

20. Meaning, this ground is not to be found at all in the soulish realm. We have found, have we not, that the soul is not to be relied upon in spiritual things. It is always either too hot in zeal or too cool with a lack of it; too moist with one's own spirit or altogether too dry; either too much up or all the way down. The soul is a very untrustworthy spiritual barometer, and until it is brought to an even temperature, neither up nor down, hot nor cold, moist nor dry, it shall continue to be the broken reed upon which one is not to lean. Thus we are finding ourselves in a place where, at times, we feel nothing as we learn to walk by the Spirit only, the soul being brought into subjection to the spirit.

21. I have little doubt that this goodly tent here spoken of is that new body referred to by Paul (I Corinthians 15:43 & 44) as the spiritual body. It is with this spiritual body which is constituted of spirit essence that we are enabled to ascend to this high realm. This spiritual body is received upon our coming forth in the first resurrection (it is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body). We accepted Christ as our Saviour and Atonement, by faith. We identified ourselves as having died with Him, as being buried with Him and as being raised with Him, by faith. We walk in His new life, by faith. The new body is to be received, if I understand what Jane is saying by her reference to Faith's manual (by hand) operation, by faith. Some of the writings of Martha W. Robinson and Rex Andrews (Now deceased) Doug Detert, Faith Homes, 2736 Eschol, Zion, IL 60099 (You may wish to send for her biography, Radiant Glory, and the writings of Rex Andrews), declare as much when she and several others claimed to have received their new bodies by faith.

22. We are repeatedly and faithfully reminded that if we are to enter into this life, this high calling, it is to be by way of the contemplative life, and also that we are to cease from and to quit the soul-realm. Waiting is very hard for that part of us, the soul, which is the active life, but it too must be brought under and subdued, even brought into captivity to Christ, in order for us to be truly only at His service at all times. The writings of Jane Leade are such that one will not receive much enlightenment from them unless he is willing to take the time to put all else aside and read them slowly, prayerfully and meditatively before the Lord. We must, like the clean animals, split the hoof (rightly divide) and chew the cud. They cannot be treated or read as just another magazine with any good result.

23. With this one word all excuses and vain reasonings are completely swept away for our not rising to the standard of Christ. We are here told that the standard is indeed that which we see in His Person in the Gospels. Even though this standard is indeed too high for us to reach by our own efforts, we are told that He, within us, will be as generous and as quick a Source of life-giving power and enablement as He was to any who came to Him when He was yet upon the earth in a physical body! He never failed to grant any request by even the worst. He shall not fail to grant to us whatever we may have need of as to spiritual enablement or otherwise. We are therefore without excuse to rise to the very standard that He is.

24. This verily puts the ax to the very root of every tree, leaving us only with that Tree of Life/Faith which nourishes up in us this very life and profession to which we are called. It is no longer a matter of, "Is it good or bad for my testimony?", or "Is it right or wrong for me to be involved with this or that?" The issue now is, "Does it tend to the outward, sensible life which is in conflict with the inward, spiritual life?" Of which tree shall we eat? That tree of knowledge and death from which all the sensibilities of the outward life do spring, or of that Tree of Life in the midst of your garden of the heart?

25. Clearly, we are here told that even though some have made good progress, all in this group must remain hidden as to the execution of the powers of the world to come. Upon the full number of that body of Overcomers, the veil shall be removed, according to Revelation 11:19 (. . . and the temple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in His temple the Ark of His testament), and that which has been accomplished in His remnant shall be put on open display. The veil of their natural humanity shall have been rent from top to bottom and Christ shall be seen in them.