I have given some account in this tract of the jeopardy that my outward and natural life did appear to be in, after the manner of Hezekiah. But I have received a reprieve as from the sentence of death, which I judged expedient in order to give some account of it. This is not only for my own particular Memorial but for the information and benefit of others that may be brought into a like condition as to their elementary part. I have had the experience that where God has any further use and service for the organical man to do or perform, His power is at hand to strengthen and renew those weak and feeble stakes of the mortal life, according to the purpose of His own will as knowing further what was to be brought forth by so meek and inconsiderable an instrument to be employed herein as a trumpet to Sound the Alarm for the Holy Warriors to be gathered together from all parts and out of all nations and tribes, wherever they lie scattered and hidden.

    For as it is a spiritual war, so none but those that are lovers and waiters and zealous for the appearance and coming of the Lord's kingdom can be engaged in it. Here will be no requiring of the persons outwardly to appear(1), but to meet together in one spirit, holding in their hands the Bow of Faith. and from the center of the heart, sending forth fervent and all-powerful prayers that may prevail to overcome that great Usurper and monopolizer that has hitherto encroached upon what of right belongs to the LAMB and His adherents.(2) But now there is a heavenly call and summons, in such an extraordinary day and time as now approaching is, for these valiant and worthy battlers to appear, each one in his own precinct and station; for they must well know that the kingdom must be taken, all by spiritual force, from out of the hands of the King and Prince of this World.(3) So go on, ye high-spirited souls, nothing fearing nor fainting, because you have the great Commanding Champion that will be your General and Leader till the mighty towers shall be subdued under you.

    For know there is now moving and stirring up the spirit of David,(4) that will not fear to meet the great Goliath(5) that has put on the armor of daring defiance and disdaining the spirit of Faith, because there is nothing of a visible strength that does appear, but out of the unseen bag will fly that slingstone of power that shall cause this great Champion to reel and fall. This is the only way to gain the kingdom, as David did, through true and undaunted valiance as a precedent to encourage such as shall be moved hereunto in this present age, which is not to cease or stop till it has made way for the great Solomon's reign, which may renew again in great splendor and glory, in more abundant Peace and Plenty, when the Eternal Virgin shall open her bank and store to give rewards first to these Holy Warriors.

    For this, nothing more is required but to wait and watch at her several gates,(6) till the key of David shall be given to the patient holders-out that will not think much nor grudge, though there may be at present some delay, in the which proving time, many will be in hazard to fall away. But a thousand degrees of blessing will surely come upon those who have received the mark of the true Philadelphian fold, that in love's golden chain are inviolably united together to abide and bear up, until the hour of temptation be overpast so that they may enter into the possession of Love's reign, which will first open and begin from the first gathering, which may be so small as to appear contemptible. But know it will be as that stone(7) cut out of the mountain without hands that shall make all other mountains to melt and bow before it and worship at the feet of Him, who is the great Shepherd of this little flock, whose pleasure it will be to make them joint heirs, to possess with Him the same kingdom and glory which the Father hath given to Him.

    This is all that I have to commend and leave with you as a sure word of prophecy. A sufficient motive let it be, that you may fight the good fight of faith, watching, waiting and praying in the spirit with her, who, in that love and unity that burneth everlasting in the bush of Christ's humanity, shall rest ever known to be in the same fellowship with you.




1. Meaning, this is not a physical, natural battle but a spiritual one to be fought in the spirit with spiritual arms.

2. This is that war spoken of in Revelation 12, "And there was war in heaven and Michael and his "angels" fought and the devil and his angels fought. For too long have the devil and his angels usurped that which has belonged to the Lamb and His followers. That is to end.

3. This is the great enlistment which is now taking place in order to the overthrow of that last great Citadel and runs parallel to David's taking of Zion. In that day the Jebusites had control of the "City of God" and would not release it. Other armies and nations had tried to storm it and take it but all had failed. This city was impregnable from any outward assault. There is one last citadel which remains to be taken in us. We have tried all the outward methods known to man to overthrow it and none of them have worked. We have wept, prayed, fasted, laid hands on, spoke to it, tried to sing it out, prophesy it out, cast it out, curse it, . . . and it remains untaken.

In David's day, the Jebusites knew that the city could not be taken by any outward method and that they could man their walls with the lame and the infirm and still it could not be taken. But when David came to Zion, he said, "Whosoever getteth up first to the gutter, and smiteth the Jebusites. . .that are hated of David's soul, he shall be chief and captain" --2 Samuel 5:8.

About a hundred years or so ago, a Captain Anderson stood outside the same walls before which David had uttered those words. He found himself at the spring Gihon and as he stood there, he noticed in this small cave-like place that there was an indentation up above him and, being curious, he climbed up to take a look. It turned out to be a "water course" (the King James version translates it, "gutter"), which led upward through solid rock and came out inside the very city of Jerusalem. This was how mount Zion was taken. Not by an outward method, but by an inward ascension! That is how we are going to take it. By an inward, spiritual ascension!

4. That is a warring spirit which has at heart God's interests and which will prevail over all the enemies of God until God's kingdom has been established and His King crowned!

5. Please bear in mind, dear saint of God, that Goliath represents something. Something which Saul could not go to battle against. Goliath was dispatched by a God-sent stone to the forehead. The forehead speaks of the mind. Such warfare as is now required cannot be fought from the ground of, or with any assistance from, the rational, reasoning mind whose roots are firmly anchored in the beast's kingdom, which therefore makes it subversive by nature and never to be trusted. Jesus was slain at Golgotha, which means, "the place of the skull." We must perish in the same place if we are to have the Father's name in our foreheads; that is, if we are to truly have the mind of Christ.

6. Ah, that is the great problem. To do nothing but wait! If we were told to do anything it might be easier than doing nothing. This is the great problem that exists for many in this hour. Waiting is not an area in which we are well-schooled or have much discipline in, but without it there shall be had no key of David.

7. This little stone is that small, insignificant remnant of overcomers who have dwelt alone. In them first that stone which is Christ, has subdued all the kingdoms of their inward world. Now, they are become that corporate stone which will bring down every mountain, every kingdom to worship at the feet of Jesus, according to Revelation 11:15b. It is for those who will wait for it.