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"Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men."
(The Revelation 21:3)

Interactive Home Bible Study Course


A Study of The Tabernacle of God in Man from the Perspective of
"The Celebration of Tabernacles"

Just as in the Biblical Revelation that "God declares the End from the Beginning," He gave Moses detailed plans for the Tabernacle even before Moses wrote the "Word."

Jesus was the ultimate Tabernacle of God; "The Word [Jesus] became flesh and dwelt [Tabernacled] among us."  We see that the ultimate Plan of God is to become Man.

"And they took up stones to stone Jesus."   Why?  Because they said, "You, as a man make yourself to be God."  They missed it!  Many still miss it.  Jesus was not Man making himself God!  He was God expressing Himself as Man.  That is God's planned purpose for our humanity.

I believe that the best way to understand how God plans to "Tabernacle" in you is to study the original Tabernacle.

After reading the Preface to Tabernacles Interactive Home Bible Study Course, we invite you to participate in  an  11-part Home Bible Study Correspondence Course, with interactive questions, which are designed to assure the understanding of your spiritual body.

The first lesson will be sent at once.  Each succeeding lesson -- designed for a 3-ring notebook -- will follow your correspondence.

Note:  Since having a personal awakening to the power of the Gospel through a Tabernacle Study, Rudy Jones has shared this exciting and transforming illustrated message more than 2,500 times in over 300 churches and Bible Study groups, over the past 40 years.

Through this study you will thrill at the correlation of the spiritual truths in the Old and New Testaments, discover the foundation of your faith, and learn how to be the Christ-Person you were designed to be.


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The Tabernacles Home Bible Study Course is sent without charge as long as we are enabled.
Freely He has given us these faith building insights.  Freely we are privileged to give.



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