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The Music Ministry of
Linda and Stacy Musgrove

To order Linda's music you can write:
Linda Musgrove
PO Box 111
Cunningham TX 75434

Tape 10.00
CD    15.00




  1. I'll Take You Back
  2. God's Seed
  3. The Blood of the Lamb
  4. Fire of God Burn Within Me

Plus 13 more songs

    1. Step Into the River

    2. So Great A Salvation

    3. No Valley Songs

    4. Cloud of Witnesses

    5. When I speak

    6. The Real World

    7. All That You Need

    8. Behold The Heavens Are Open

    9. Glory To God In The Highest

    10. My Father's Eyes

    11. Firmly Planted

    12. Resurrection Is In My House

    13. The Ever Green Tree


In A moment

Body of Light

I Believe

Top of the Mountain

From the Inside Out

All In All

Rule and Reign

Be In Me

Bearing Fruit

Holy Is the Lord

Now At hand

Come Up Hither