The holy Bible asks the mysterious question..."WHAT IS MAN, that Thou art mindful of him? and...that Thou visitest him?"Psa.2:4. We begin to search for the truth in a key scripture which states, "So God created MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE."Gen.1:28. The Hebrew word here for "image" denotes.."resemblance", "a representative figure'', "form", "a phantom.''

The New Testament describes Jesus as "THE EXPRESS IMAGE" [Grk."charakter"; an "impressed character, engraving, an exact copy, representative image"] of GOD'S PERSON [Grk."hupos"; "what lies under", "substratum"]. So we can see from this that the primary image of God's person or substratum which could be expressed in the man Christ Jesus, was in fact the actual reality & expression of the "ETERNAL SPIRIT" (Heb.9:14) of God Himself.


How is God's invisible existence primarily expressed? The Bible teaches it is expressed through/in "fruit of 'THE SPIRIT"(Gal.5:22) by & in a SUBSTANCE CALLED "SPIRIT". The Hebrew word used for "spirit" is ''ruach'' or ''ruwach''. "Spirit" is also translated as such from the Hebrew word "neshamah". The Greek word for "spirit" is ''pneuma''. The dictionary describes "spirit" as "ethereal substance"; "lacking physical touch''; "indefinite"; "impalpable--not capable of being distinguished by the mind or physical senses." It is "invisible"; "imperceptible"; "intangible"; "not corporeal--of a physical material nature or substance."

Jesus said, "GOD IS A SPIRIT" Jn.4:24; 2Cor.3:17; Heb.9:14. This "SPIRIT" is not expressed through inanimate objects made by man - Ac.17:24. It is expressed through mankind - 1Jn.4:12. Everywhere in God's holy word we find the word "spirit" either expressing what WE ARE as human beings, or what WE HAVE as part of our universal existence. In some scriptures it is obvious that both these expressions are true of the meaning.

It is FROM the express SUBSTANCE OF GOD'S OWN SPIRIT that ALL MEN ARE CREATED. MAN is basically A SPIRIT because GOD HIS CREATOR who is in his image IS A SPIRIT. In a living human being, this "spirit" which is a lowered fragmentation of God's Spirit substance is divinely contained within a physical body. What does man's spirit look like? The spirit entity divinely merged within man's outer flesh shell, namely his body, is the express image, an exact copy, a duplicate albeit intangible form and engraving of the outer body.


All the hosts of heaven are said to be made "by THE BREATH ["ruwach", "SPIRIT"] of His mouth."Psa.33:6. Gen.2:7 says, "the Lord God FORMED MAN [his body] out of the dust of the ground, & BREATHED ["nephesh" to puff, blow, kindle] into his nostrils THE BREATH [''neshamah''--a puff of divine intellect & inspiration--translated "SPIRIT' in Jb.26:4; Prv.20:27 KJV) of LIFE [''chaiyim"--natural earthy life & existence] & MAN became a LIVING SOUL", [''nephesh"--an animated, breathing, thinking, creature].

He became an earthly personality & a manifest expression of God's evident existence in a physical body form. This express existence of which speak is known biblically as " SPIRIT OF MAN."Prv.18:14. The apostle Paul knew man was made up of much more than just a physical body, believing he could be both "IN THE BODY and "OUT OF THE BODY" (2Cor.12:2, 3) while this body was still alive. As far as out of the body we are told John went UP "IN THE SPIRIT." Rev.1:9; 4:1-3. We hear quite a bit about "out of the body" experiences, even today.

So we have seen that THE WHOLLY FORMED EARTH CREATURE is referred to in Gen.2:7 as "a LIVING SOUL" where- in God supernaturally placed with His breath, a puff, a portion, a fragmentation of His own divine spirit life and substance. The prophet Isaiah explained it this way..."He that giveth BREATH..and SPIRIT..''Isa.42:5. Job explained it this way, "The SPIRIT OF GOD hath made me & THE BREATH ["neshamah"] of the Almighty hath given me LIFE.''Jb. 33:4.

"Thou hast clothed ME [the real him, his spirit] with skin & flesh.& Thy visitation hath preserved [physically kept alive] my flesh."Jb. 10:11, 12. The same principle of this operation can he found in Ezk. 37:5-10. The word "spirit" not only applies to mankind but is also descriptive of the angelic creation - 1Sam.16:13-16; Mrk.9:25.


Job clearly saw what he referred to as "THE SPIRIT WITHIN ME." Jb.32:18. Though it is contrary to some religious beliefs, nevertheless he saw the revelation that "THERE IS A SPIRIT IN MAN and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them under-standing."Jb.32:8. The prophet Zechariah also understood this revealing that the Lord "FORMETH THE SPIRIT OF MAN WITHIN HIM."Zec.12:1. So it is clearly revealed in the scriptures that man HAS A SPIRIT!

At first we understand only that we are physically "sons of men" until such time we are divinely given to realize that we are above all & foremost, "the sons of God." Daniel couldn't have been more explicit about the existence of his own PERSONAL SPIRIT & where it dwelt saying, "I Daniel was grieved IN MY SPIRIT IN THE MIDST OF MY BODY."Dan.7:15; Zec.12:1.

The New Testament also expresses the profound truth that man has a spirit within his body, non more plain than this. "For what things knoweth the things of a man, save THE SPIRIT OF MAN WHICH IS IN HIM."1Cor.2:11. Paul's salutation to his brethren was "Christ be with THY SPIRIT."2Tim.4:22.

"The psalmist also declared that "THE SPIRIT OF MAN is the candle of the Lord"(Psa.20:27), a candle of every man's natural life which when lit with divine inspiration & understanding of the saving holiness of true light & life (Jn.1:9) searches out all corruption in the inward man. This divine light in the form of God's holy Spirit, desires to cleanse the inner man "from all filthiness of THE FLESH and SPIRIT"(2Cor.7:1) in order to perfect true holiness in them.

This revelation & realization of God, including who we really are & what we really are, does not come from any external source from outside the body. It comes entirely from within. For man's spirit in reality is a part of His own substance, whether it is yet in union with His righteousness & holiness, or not.


The spirit that dwelleth in man must be brought into union with the holy Spirit of God in order to begin making it holy also. Speaking of mankind's holy, unregenerate and unrighteous spirit, James revealed, "THE SPIRIT THAT DWELLETH WITHIN US [in our bodies] lusteth [over desires] unto envy"(Jas.4:5) producing jealousy, strife, anger, & all manner of sin. It is only through the true living God [a portion of His own holy Spirit] that is given us in our understanding through grace to change & to perfect our former unholy spirit, that we are enabled to eventually became "THE SPIRITS OF JUST MEN made perfect."Heb.12:23.

In the process of salvation, "THE SPIRIT OF GOD beareth witness with OUR SPIRIT that we are THE CHILDREN OF GOD.''Ro. 8:16; Jn.4:13. Now you are ready to realize & to proclaim as did Paul, that further to our own spirit, the Spirit of "Christ LIVETH IN ME."Ga1.2:20. And truly "greater is HE THAT IS IN YOU (1Jn.4:4) than the former "I" that lived in you & the world.

Not only does the Bible express that it is GOD that worketh IN YOU both to will & to do of His good pleasure (Phil.2:13; Eph.4:6; 1Cor. 14:25), it also expresses this same spirit as "the holy Spirit" or "holy Ghost" (2Tim.1:14; Isa.63:14) as well as "the Spirit of Christ.'' Ro. 8:9. This is now a day of which Jesus proclaimed, "The Comforter which is the holy Ghost...shall teach you & bring all things to your remembrance.."Jn.14:26. "Ye shall know that I am in my Father, & ye in me, & I IN YOU....If a man love me he will keep my words & my Father will love him & WE will come unto him, and make OUR ABODE WITH HIM."Jn.14:20-23. And so he has kept His promise to the firstfruits of His choosing - Jas.1:18.

The living Spirit [''rhema"] word of Christ is given to "divide asunder between [man's] SOUL and SPIRIT"(Heb.4:12) IN THE MIDST OF OUR SPIRIT which is also known as "THE INNER MAN WHEREIN DWELLS GOD'S SPIRIT."Eph.3:16; Ro.8:9-11 etc. Christian's can say, "He has given us [a portion] OF HIS SPIRIT" (1Jn.4:13) to sanctify us (Ezk.36:23) and to cleanse us because the potential POWER of sin that still dwells in us - Ro. chapter 7.

Though we are forgiven for all past sin & are no longer under the PENALTY of sin--that is the real us, our new spirit, is not under judgment, condemnation, or separation from God's holy Spirit--our outer man, the body, continues on towards physical death. Truly, "if THE MAN OUTSIDE is wasting away, certainly the MAN WE ARE INSIDE is being renewed from day to day."2Cor.4:16 (Kingdom Interlinear translation). This is because His greater "power [of life] is operating IN US."Eph.3:20 K.I.T. "Behold, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU" (Lk.17:21) as God's powerful dominion, progressively being unveiled & coming forth, yet "not with [natural] observation."Lk.17:20

The holy Spirit of Christ which is ONE with the Father, comes to us (Jn.14:18) as a gift to operate IN US upon repentance & divine conversion - Ac.11:18; 3:19. Jesus said of His holy Spirit, "He shall be WITH YOU & SHALL BE IN YOU."Jn.14:17; 4:14; 7:38, 39. His promise was, "I will cane UNTO HIM.'' Rev.3:20; Psa.23:7. This was also foretold in Ezk.36:26, 27. "I IN YOU (Jn.14:20; 15:4, 5) is non other than "CHRIST IN YOU the hope of glory."Col.1:27. "And every man that has THIS HOPE IN HIM purifieth himself.."1Jn.3:3.

But, "If any man have not THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST he is none of HIS."Ro.8:9. Therefore, "Know ye not your own selves, how that JESUS CHRIST IS IN YOU, except ye be reprobates?"2Cor.13:5. If we have His Spirit then we also "have [within us] the mind ["psuche"] of Christ.''1Cor.2:16. "These as well as many other scriptures declare this important truth of God's holy Spirit dwelling IN man, operating in a DIVINE SPIRITUAL UNION OF THE SPIRIT WITHIN--in order that "CHRIST be formed IN YOU (Ga1. 4:19) & that "JESUS might be MANIFEST IN OUR MORTAL FLESH."2Cor.4:11; Phil.1:20.


The proper understanding & confession of this little word "IN" is very important. "EVERY SPIRIT which IS CONFESSING JESUS CHRIST IN FLESH" (K.I.T.) or "that confesses Jesus Christ as HAVING COME IN THE FLESH originates with God"1Jn.4:2. Jesus came historically in birth, again in a resurrected flesh & bone body an the third day after his bodily death (Jn.2:19-21; Ac.1:3; Lk. 24:39) & now once more has come in His flesh body which is the true church (Col.1:18, 24) called 'THE BODY OF CHRIST."1Cor.

l2:27. "For WE ARE members of HIS BODY, OF HIS FLESH & OF HIS BONES."Eph.5:30.

He is about to soon come again in a greater "manifestation of the sons of God"(Ro.8:19), "when He shall come to be glorified IN HIS SAINTS & be ADMIRED IN ALL THEM THAT BELIEVE.''

2Ths.1:10; 3:12; Eph.l:18; Isa.49:3. We, along with the whole of creation, are waiting for this "glory which shall be REVEALED IN US"(Ro.8:18) at "the redemption of our body."Ro.8:23.

Man has an OUTER earthly house, building, temple, tent or body & he also has a heavenly, spiritual building WITHIN. "If OUR EARTHLY HOUSE, THIS TENT, would be dissolved, we are having A BUILDING FROM GOD, A HOUSE not made with hands, everlasting in the heavens."2Cor.5:1. Therefore even now you should "glorify God IN YOUR BODY and IN YOUR SPIRIT which are God's."1Cor.6:20. Yes, they are God's very own creations as the scriptures do show. "Know ye not that YE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD and that THE SPIRIT OF GOD DWELLETH IN YOU.'' 1Cor.3:16. "Thy way O God is IN THE SANCTUARY."Psa.77:13.

Individually, "YOUR BODY is THE TEMPLE [sanctuary, house, building, tent] OF THE HOLY GHOST which IS IN YOU.''1Cor. 6:19. Collectively, "Ye also are builded TOGETHER for an HABITATION [DWELLING PLACE] OF God [in &] through THE SPLRIT.''Eph.2:21, 22; Psa.132:13,14. Know ye not that "Christ is all and IN ALL"(Col.3:11) who are presently "the elect of God"-[Col.3:12) "called IN ONE BODY."Co1.3:15. Christ is their life -Col.1:4.

Now the elect can say with understanding, "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I LIVE: YET NOT I, but CHRIST LIVETH IN ME."Gal.2:20; Col.3:3. The former alienated, fragmented, lowered spirits of unholiness that were formerly joined to the spirit of the world are now being joined back unto the Lord. Not only are they becoming one whole & complete new body (Eph.4:15, 16; Co1.2:11)) but also, "He that is joined unto the Lord is ONE SPIRIT."1Cor. 6:17.

One new body, one new spirit, one new man! For them "to LIVE IS CHRIST."Phil.1:21; 1Cor.12:12; Eph.5:30. "If CHRIST BE IN YOU the [old] body is dead because of sin; but THE SPIRIT is [in new] life because of [Christ's] righteousness. But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus [in His body] from the dead DWELL IN YOU, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your MORTAL BODIES by HIS SPIRIT THAT DWELLETH IN YOU."


We conclude these truths by sharing one great purpose of God's amazing elective grace. Paul said it very well when he declared it was 'TO REVEAL HIS SON IN ME that I might preach Him among the heathen."Gal.1:16. Now we preach also "that the Gentiles should be fellowheirs, & OF THE SAME BODY, & partakers of His promise in Christ by the gospel."Eph.3:6.

Now that we have established the scriptural definitions of what is man's spirit, where is man's spirit, as well as what abides within, we will summarize & complete the revelation of where it came from. Then we will take a closer look at "SOUL" which is very closely connected in a union of divine fusion with the "SPIRIT."


The SPIRITS OF MEN were CREATED IN GOD, IN CHRIST long before the first adamic man was formed in the garden - Jb.38:4-7. Back perhaps millions of years ago near the foundation of the earth, all these "sons of God shouted for joy." vs.7. These spirit "offspring" originated IN the Creator & CAME OUT BY and THROUGH CHRIST. By design, & for an ultimate divine purpose, they were caused to lack in that they were to be subjected to being clothed upon with an imperfect flesh body on a plane a little lower than "elohim" - Psa.8:5; Ro.8:19; Eccl.3:10, 11 etc.

Man's spirit substance was created OUT OF [FROM] God's own Spirit substance, & in this similarity, was in His likeness & image. It was also put OUT FROM HIM into the lower material realm. The scientific "big bang" theory may not be without some truth. It is wrong to think that man was created from nothing for we read that "OUT OF HIM and THROUGH HIM...are ALL THINGS."Ro. 11:36 K.I.T.

"There is actually to us one God the Father OUT OF WHOM ALL THINGS ARE and...AND THROUGH WHOM ALL THINGS ARE 1Cor.8:6 (K.I.T.). "You CREATED ALL THINGS & because of your will they exist & were created."Rev.4:11 (K.I.T.), Therefore there can be no doubt that "God formeth THE SPIRIT OF MAN WITHIN him."Zec.12:1. "ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM." Jn.1:3. "This necessarily includes the "SPIRIT OF MAN." That is why He is called "the FATHER OF SPIRITS."Heb.12:9.

The Bible asks, "Have we not ALL one Father? Hath not one God created us?"(Ma1.2:10) in the present state of both our natural & spiritual makeup. Is He not for good reason called "the Lord, the God of ALL FLESH (Jer.32:27), even "the Lord, the God of THE SPIRITS OFF ALL FLESH?"Nu.27:16; 16:22; Jb.12:10; 31:15; Isa.64:8; Psa.8:4, 5; Ac.17:25-29. We all are creatively fashioned according to the makeup of "the first man Adam...A LIVING SOUL" (1Cor.15:45) & "a son of God."Lk.3:38. "IN HIM we live, & move, & HAVE OUR BEING...for WE ARE ALSO HIS OFFSPRING." Ac.l7:28. ALL men "ARE THE OFFSPRING OF GOD"(Ac.17:29) whether they acknowledge it or not!

What is "a spirit"? One thing it is not on this earth was revealed when Jesus said, "A SPIRIT HATH NOT FLESH & BONES.''Lk. 24:39. When Paul conferred with the Spirit of the risen Christ he said, "I conferred not with flesh & blood.''Gal.1:16. Man is called A SPIRIT only when he is apart from a flesh & bone body (1Ptr.3:19) or when his spirit nature is being referred to, such as in 1Jn.4:1-3. Therefore, not only are we obviously all "sons of MEN" (Eph.3:5) but we all are also unregenerate sons called "children of wrath" (Eph.2:3) by natural birth & then "children" (Gal.3:26) & "sons of God" (1Jn.1:12; 1Jn.3:1-2) upon spiritual rebirth.


Now we are ready to more specifically define the words "SOUL" & 'THE SOUL". We are told our Lord is "the Lord of all" who holds all "SOULS" in natural life - Psa.66:9; Jb.12:10; Eccl.12:8. He sovereignly proclaims, "ALL SOULS ARE MINE." Ezk.18:4. The word "SOUL" is most often translated from the Hebrew word "nephesh". This English word is also translated in the KJV into 'life" 'heart" "mind" & "breath."

Like unto the word "SPIRIT", "SOUL" also reveals not only that WE ARE "A" SOUL but also that WE HAVE A SOUL which is WITHIN OUR BODY. We see this clearly where Job said, "HIS SOUL WITHIN HIM shall mourn.''Jb.14:22. So not only does man have A SPIRIT WITHIN but we are told he has A SOUL WITHIN HIM as well - 1Sam.1:15; Jb.7:11; Isa.26:9; 42:1; 1Ths.5:32; Heb.4:12.

As human beings, WE ARE A SOUL in the sense of a living creature - Ac.2:41, 43; 7:14; 27:37 etc. but we also CONTAIN SOUL WITHIN. This inner SOUL is often referred to as "MY SOUL'' (Mk.14:34), "MY OWN SOUL" (2Cor.1:23), "OUR OWN SOUL" (1Ths.2:8), "HIS SOUL" (Mk.8:36), "YOUR WHOLE S0UL'' (Lk. 10:27) , "THE SOUL" (Heb.6:19), & even "IT' (Matt.10:39)...all terms which signify SOUL as being something WE HAVE. Notice also. It can depart (Gen.35:18) and it can return - 1Kg.17:17-22. So it is not always stationary nor static.

Unlike the SPIRIT which is, in the likeness of God Himself, eternal immortal & incorruptible & indestructible, the SOUL in some respects is changeable & destructible as is the body - Matt.10:28; Lk.17:33. However, it is only the evil, unclean, unholy portions of man's soul which are prone to being destroyed. Simply stated, these elements of man's soul are destroyed by being changed & being replaced with righteous fruit of God's holy Spirit in the many sanctifying and cleansing processes of redemption.

It is scripturally obvious that man's outer shell or body contains within it, not only what is known as THE SPIRIT but also this thing known as "SOUL" or "THE SOUL". That this SOUL is something not quite the same as "THE SPIRIT" is evident. "MY SOUL doth magnify the Lord AND MY SPIRIT hath rejoiced in God."Lk.1:46, 47.

1Ths.5:23 speaks of a wholeness available for every part of "THE SPIRIT and THE SOUL and THE BODY."(K.I.T.). 1Cor.7:34 speaks of being "holy BOTH in her BODY and IN HER SPIRIT." lThs.4:12 also clearly distinguishes a division of "THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT." See also Isa.57:15, 16.


There is "one event" common to all creatures and that is..''they go to the dead.''Eccl.9:3. There in death, their dead bodies, their brains, have not the capacity to know or think anything anymore on this earth - Eccl.9:2-6, 10. Yet we see Job speaking of "the THOUGHTS OF MY HEART"["lebab"] (Jb.17:11) & then David revealing "your heart ["lebab"- spirit] shall live ["chayah"- be kept alive] FOREVER.''Psa.22:26. This is possible only because the life of the spirit & conscious mind leaves the body at death. Man's spiritual consciousness does not perish nor even sleep.

The biblical descriptions of physical death make clear distinctions between BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT. This is only hard to be understood by some who assign the meaning of "death" to being "an extinction of consciousness" or "a termination of existence." This makes such scriptures as Jn.11:36; Ro.8:10; Eph.2:1-5; Phil.1:21 etc. absurd. In truth, the "FIRST DEATH' destroys all natural adamic life, which in God's terminology is not true life but is a form of spiritual "death."1Tim.5:6; Matt.8:22; Eph.2:1. The "SECOND DEATH" is the destruction of ALL forms of DEATH which is relative to the first adamic creation.

It is stated in pure biblical truth--that upon natural death, God GATHERS to Himself [not man's body but] MAN'S SPIRIT [ruwach] & also MAN'S BREATH [neshama]Jb.34:14. This breath refers to more than just the natural breath for it is also said, "Thou TAKEST AWAY their BREATH [ruwach - spirit] (from out of their body), they die (physically) & RETURN to the DUST."Psa.104:29; 1Kgs.17:17, 21, 22.

All bestial bodies including man's "go unto ONE place; ALL are of THE DUST, & ALL TURN TO DUST AGAIN."Eccl.3:20, 19. "They shall lie down ALIKE IN THE DUST, & the worms shall cover them.''Jb.21:26. In other words, THE SPIRIT which is not made of the dust is TAKEN AWAY from the natural body which dies & returns to the ground out of which natural elements it was made -Gen.3:19. But where does the SPIRIT go that "Thou TAKEST AWAY" upon death of the body? In one place, it is simply stated that "HIS SPIRIT GOETH FORTH. He [his body] RETURNETH to his EARTH."Psa.146:4.

There is no MAN that hath power over THE SPIRIT neither hath he power in the day of death." Eccl.8:8; Eccl.12:7 and 3:21 give us the greatest revelation of what happens to the spirit upon death of the body. "Then shall THE DUST [minus the SPIRIT] RETURN TO THE EARTH as it was: and THE SPIRIT SHALL RETURN UNTO GOD WHO [originally] GAVE IT." Therefore, is this not the simple biblical truth concerning "The SPIRIT OF MAN that goeth UPWARD and THE SPIRIT OF THE BEAST that goeth downward to the earth?"Eccl.3:21.

It is obvious that man's spirit had to be with God In the beginning, in order for it to REturn unto Him! It will eventually be gathered back again "UNTO CHRIST" (Eph.1:10) returning "UNTO HIMSELF" (Col.1:20), being made alive IN CHRIST (1Cor.15:22), "but EVERY MAN in His own order [rank, group]" (1Cor.15:23) "being predestinated...after the counsel of His own will."Eph.1:11, 4, 5.

"Death" is the beginning of A LOOSING, A RELEASING, A DEPARTING and A RETURN OF THE REAL YOU [A SPIRIT CONTAINING A SOUL,] back to the Creator WHO GAVE IT. In the Old Testament we see the phrase "her SOUL WAS IN DEPARTING" (Gen.35:18) describing Rachel's death. Paul, speaking of his living earthly BODY said, "I AM IN THIS TABERNACLE"2.Ptr.1:13 K.I.T. But speaking then of ''THE DEPARTURE" of HIS SPIRIT upon the death of his BODY foretold.."the PUTTING OFF of MY TABERNACLE soon to be."2Ptr.1:14 K.I.T. Because of his tremendous trials in the flesh, he had "a desire TO DEPART [Grk."analysai" - to be RELEASED, LOOSED, TO RETURN] to be with Christ."Phil.1:23.

He also explained it this way..."to be ABSENT FROM THE BODY and to be present with the Lord."2Cor.5:8. Physical death is nothing more than A RELEASE & SEPARATION, even A LIFTING UP (Jn.12:32, 33) of THE SPIRIT & SOUL FROM OUT OF THE BODY. James adds to this telling us that "THE BODY WITH OUT THE SPIRIT IS DEAD."Jas.2:26; Lk.8:55; Gen.35:18.

When Paul said he had a desire to depart & be with Christ, he did not believe this would occur at some future date such as the resurrection or return of Christ. Rather, he was clearly applying this to the time of his own bodily death saying: "THE DUE TIME FOR MY RELEASING IS IMMINENT."2Tim.4:6 K.I.T.


When a person physically dies he is said not only to no longer retain THE SPIRIT but also is said "TO GIVE UP THE GHOST." Jesus in his humanity cried, "Father, INTO THY HANDS I commend MY SPIRIT [pnuema]: and having said this HE GAVE UP THE GHOST ["ekpneo"outward breath]."Lk.23:46. In Matt.27:50 it is also said, "He YIELDED UP THE GHOST ["pnuema" - SPIRIT].'' Again in Jn.19:30 it is written "He GAVE UP THE GHOST [pnuema -SPIRIT]."

So we see that the whole truth tells us he gave up not only his literal or natural breath but also HIS SPIRIT. Likewise when Stephen died he was "calling upon God & saying Lord Jesus RECEIVE MY SPIRIT [pneuma]."Ac.7:59. It would be ludicrous to think as some do, that Stephen was talking just about his natural breath. In Psa. 49:15 we see where God received A SPIRIT & A SOUL.

In the Old Testament, "Giving up THE GHOST" is also giving up [nephesh] THE SOUL - Jb.11:20; Jer.15:9. So the scripturally greater revelation is--that BOTH the SPIRIT & SOUL leave the body at death. At the time of physical death, all of the body's personal earthly LIFE FORCE DEPARTS. In the case of Lazarus (Jn.11:43, 44) & also in the case of Dorcus (Ac.9:40) & of Jairus' daughter... while the body was obviously dead according to all outward appearances, "HER SPIRIT CAME AGAIN" (Lk.8:55) & the body arose to live awhile longer. This time we have not just a departure of the HER SPIRIT but also a return back into her body.

Again, we are given understanding of the foregoing truth when it was foretold of Jesus, "Thou wilt not leave MY SOUL, [psyche] in hell." Ac.2:27, 31. So Jesus SOUL was in hell. Yet because SOUL and SPIRIT ARE inseparable, so also was HIS SPIRIT as you will see. Jesus, though He had been "put to death IN THE FLESH" was obviously still conscious & "alive IN THE SPIRIT. IN THIS [spirit, state] ALSO he went His way & preached to THE SPIRITS IN PRISON."1Ptr.3:18, 19 K.I.T. And the SPIRITS IN PRISON obviously must have been conscious or he would not have preached to them.

It is revealed that these are SPIRITS OF MEN who had been destroyed in the flesh in Noah's day - vs.20. Their bodies were long dead & gone but their personal SPIRITS which contained personal soulish senses were obviously alert & well able to hear the gospel in hades - 1Ptr.4:5, 6. This also provides sensible answers to questions asked by David in Psa.88:12. The idea that some Christian's have of the soul/spirit either sleeping or ceasing to exist until resurrection, is far from the real harmonious scriptural truth.


The word "SPIRIT" in Strong's Concordance No.'s 7306-8 has been given several definitions. Combining these singular definitions one could reasonably say--that in reference to man, "A SPIRIT' is a rational living BEING: who has functions, expressions and anticipation's which perceive the outer world, accepting its own existence there in the body through the five natural senses and understanding it through its developed intellect. This spirit is as BREATH or WIND in that it is a living activated force. Like natural wind it seems to be able to move when & where it wills (Jn.3) & yet cannot be seen by the natural eye.

Once a person can see through the many scriptures that reveal man has A SOUL & that this word is obviously depicting the inner mind, will, emotions, personality etc. of MAN' SELF as a manifest existent LIFE & as an intelligent LIVING PERSON, [whether present in this life or future in an after-life- Rev.6:9; 20:4], he is well on his way to seeing the full truth & perfect harmony of "SPIRIT" and "SOUL" in scripture.

Generally, "SPIRIT' is a carrier as well as the container of EVERY FORM of LIFE & DEATH. Pertaining to the individual, it is the primary active force of a God given LIFE which is animated or personified as "SOUL". Generally speaking, though these words "SOUL" & "SPIRIT' are quite similar and sometimes the same in their biblical meaning & usage, there is a primary difference. There is a lot more to be said about SPIRIT and SOUL and you will find some of this is revealed in another of our booklets entitled "The Undividable Division."

We will sum up this general study in the following scripture and statements. "THE INVISIBLE THINGS OF HIM from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood BY THE THINGS THAT ARE MADE."Ro.1:20. That there is an INDIVIDUAL, INVISIBLE, & INTERNAL SPIRIT BODY, is clearly evident through the existence of our individual, visible physical body.

THE SPIRIT, which is INTERNALLY INTEGRATED into every human flesh BODY, is an entity fashioned in the form, shape & image of the flesh body (2Cor.12:2, 3), but it is made entirely of invisible, incorporeal, SPIRIT SUBSTANCE which has originally come out from God. This cannot be said of THE SOUL. Why?

The actual "SPIRIT OF MAN" as well as all things created OF SPIRIT, can he seen with spiritual eyes & understood with spiritual mind. It is a definite "thing" albeit it is formed & shapen entirely of spiritual substance. However, much like the things we call "energy'' or "thought" THE SOUL has no VISIBLE FORM OR SUBSTANCE as such to ever he seen--yet its existing reality can he acknowledged & understood. It is the MENTAL realm, plane or sphere of existent being.

Each INDIVIDUAL SPIRIT assumes the identity of a unique personal being [creation] when they are brought forth by God through the agency of human flesh to take on the form & substance of flesh. Every SPIRIT CONTAINS A NATURE. The SPIRIT HAS THE ABILITY TO IMAGINE, THINK, REASON AND ACT. The Spirit/Heart is the "Father" of all seed thoughts and imaginations and the SOUL is the mother's womb or mind wherein thoughts are received, conceived and processed. For much more on the scriptural mechanics of this also see our booklet entitled "The Unidividable Division."

Individual SPIRITS have the God given capacity, energy and power to develop A PERSONALITY, A NATURE, A CHARACTER of their own in MIND, WILL & EMOTION. This complex PERSONALITY & its functions becomes known as "SOUL", "A SOUL" or "THE SOUL".

"SOUL'' is a manifestation & expression of existent spiritual life & individuality which originates & emanates from every human SPIRIT. Each human SPIRIT CONTAINS their individual NATURE, their PERSONALIZED SOUL. The SOUL radiates & PERSONIFIES the existence of living animate life FROM WITHIN THE SPIRIT, OUT THROUGH THE BODY.

"THE SPIRIT" of man IS THE PRIMARY ELEMENT OR ENTITY WHEREIN SOUL ALWAYS CO-EXISTS. The SOUL IS DIVINELY INTEGRATED & FUSED with the SPIRIT. THE SPIRIT is the seat, the center, the core, the vital element & principle of any man's rational & immortal life. It is THE PRIMARY CONTAINER of his mental, moral and emotional activities & of his inherent nature, all of which comprise his developing animated SOUL. All inanimate objects are created from "spirit" but have NO SOUL.

An analogy of SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY can be found in some similarities of the basic natural elements of water & air. Here we could compare man's BODY to WATER. The "earth" contains BODIES of WATER. Water itself, contains hydrogen and oxygen, just as the body of a living human contains SPIRIT and SOUL.

Water [man] is lifeless minus oxygen [soul] and ceases to exist as water when oxygen has been removed & completely separated from it. If the soul of man could be totally removed [it cannot], the man simply would not exist as a human. Only a specific combination of the two elements hydrogen & oxygen make water. Likewise, only SPIRIT & SOUL TOGETHER make up a living human SPIRIT.

To summarize very simply, we would say that MAN IS A SPIRIT WHO HAS A SOUL and CAN LIVE IN A BODY. All scripture can be harmonized in truth when we see also that MAN HAS A SPIRIT THAT LIVES IN A BODY through which his own unique personal SELF LIFE OR SOUL LIFE is being expressed. One could say, his BODY HOUSES HIS SPIRIT WHICH HOUSES HIS SOUL. And it would not be incorrect to say that only THE BODY IS SEPARATED UPON DEATH.

God has formed & created man to live simultaneously in two worlds--the natural & the spiritual. Thus He has an EXTERNAL as well as an INTERNAL mind or nature. God is in the process of perfecting man's nature so that he might live wholly & righteously in both.

It is the Spirit of God alone that not only brings life but IS LIFE. The Creator gives man to feel & experience this life in himself as his own. When this lower phase of "self" and the independent rebellious and carnal "I" is removed & replaced by the power & revelation of 'THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, then the higher life of He whose image we really are shall be revealed & made visibly evident in this world through the soon coming unveiling of Christ in the ''mani-festation of the sons of God ."Ro.8 :19 ; Obed.21.

"Thus says the Lord, The labor & wealth of Egypt & the merchandise of Ethiopia, & the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over to you & they shall he yours; they shall follow you; in chains [of subjection to you] they shall come over, & they shall fall down before you; they shall make supplication to you, SAYING, SURELY GOD IS IN YOU, & THERE IS NO OTHER, NO GOD BESIDES HIM." Isa:45:14; 1Cor.14:25 - Amplif.

K.Ross McKay

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