God always was. All created things, both visible & invisible, had their beginnings IN the life & light of Christ - Col.1:16, 17. Everything in this spiritual creation was in His presence even before it was in the earth - Gen.2:5. At the point where time began in what we call the ages, all things were originally brought forth OUT FROM Him - Ro.11:36. All things came OUT OF HIM in orderly succession according to the Father's foreordained plan in His days of creation. This spiritual creation, was set apart & divided from Christ by being brought forth & made physically manifest in the lower form of a natural creation. Thus began a universe which, in the divine wisdom and omniscience of the Creator, was purposely fragmented & made to lack from its original spiritual light & life. This lack was first expressed outwardly in a natural darkness being placed upon the face of the natural waters.

"In the beginning [of earthly ages], the earth was without form and an empty waste; and DARKNESS was upon the face of the very great deep...and God said, Let there be [natural] LIGHT, and there was LIGHT. And God saw the LIGHT that it was good (suitable, pleasing) & He approved it; and GOD SEPARATED THE LIGHT FROM THE DARKNESS." (Amplified Bible)...[Parenthesis ours].

Darkness was no longer accepted as part of the day or the light. This is also just as true in spiritual application. Here we see that the primary purpose of light, in whatever form it comes forth, is TO SEPARATE & DIVIDE ITSELF FROM THE DARKNESS - Gen.1:14,18; Heb.4:12. It is for the purpose of divine judgment. Now in both the natural & spiritual realms, "the LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS, for the darkness has never overpowered it--put it out, nor has not absorbed it, has not appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it." Jn.1:5 (Amplif. Bible).

The principles of separation remain this day as a part of God's creative plan. God, who is the source of ALL life & light & all things, degrees of darkness included, originally set His holy Self apart from this lower realm of His creation. Thus He retains a divine sovereignty over every aspect of it. In light of what has been said, it can be seen why the Bible asks, "What communion [common fellowship] hath LIGHT WITH DARKNESS?" 2Cor.6:14-16. The answer of course, is none! The darkness must be swallowed up of the TRUE LIGHT, which lighteth EVERY MAN that cometh into the earth - Jn.chptr.1.

Light and darkness could never be reconciled, joined, nor merged together in a state of true peace & harmony. Nevertheless, they still do have a divinely purpose & co-existence together today, and have had from the beginning of creation; both in the outer realm of man's natural, visible environment, as well as his unseen inner spiritual state of makeup and being. Scriptural revelation indicates that Satan, even in the lowest form of evil, dwells in the darkness of men's minds--in the unregenerate heart & soul of all men. The inner regions of men's hearts are full of darkness and desperately wicked - Jer.17:9.

Satan is not left to be a law unto himself. You who have received the light of Christ remember this one thing,"GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU than he that is in the world - 1Jn.4:4. God in the power & light of Christ is presently operating according to plan, in the midst of the dark realms of sin & death, searching men's hearts, bringing to light the hidden things of darkness - 1Cor.4:5; Lk.12:2; Eccl. 12:14. This is included in His divine method in bringing the glory of salvation (Col.1:27) to man and the grace of reconciliation to all creation - Ro.8:19-21-23; Col.1:19, 20.

This study will concentrate on this inner state and aspect of present spiritual truth. If light in the form of holiness dwells in the midst of darkness with its many forms of evil, then of course, darkness in varying degrees can remain for a time in the presence of light. The light comes as the rising sun at dawn, not to dwell with the darkness, but to completely overpower & dispel it. Just as surely as the sun rises every morning, so is God commanding the Son to rise in the hearts of the sons of men.


The serpent In The Garden

A common belief of Christendom states that darkness cannot dwell with light. The scriptures say no such thing! First of all, consider these questions. Was not the tree of the knowledge of good [light] & evil [darkness], ONE tree? Do not biblical trees often represent facets of humanity? Psa.1:3; 52:8; 92:12,13; Matt.7:17-20; Mrk.8:24. Was not the tree of all life TOGETHER ALSO IN THE MIDST of the garden WITH this tree? Gen.2:9. Had not the Father Himself placed them as such & allowed them to grow? Is not the "garden of God" also compared in type to the mind of man & to the body of Christ ? - Song. 4:12,16; Isa.58:11; Jer.31:12. Was not Satan also present IN the midst of the garden of God? Gen.3:1. Is His subtle beastly spirit any less present in the carnal minds of man today? Nay! It is there where life & death co-exist - Ro.8:6,10. It is there where heavenly warfare surfaces.

In other types, was not the serpent also permitted to come AMONGST the sons of God IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD'S SPIRIT? Jb. chptr. l & 2; Zec.3:1-5; 1Kgs.22:21. Again in type, was not Satan TOGETHER WITH JESUS IN THE HOLY CITY? - Matt.4:5. Ask yourself, "Who is the holy city Jerusalem a type and symbol of?" Now we ask you,"Shall there be EVIL IN A CITY [whether natural or spiritual], and the Lord hath not done it [allowed, if not caused its presence]?" Amos 3:6; Isa. 10:12:13. And so it is, even in this age of grace. So it is in the heart, soul & mind of carnal man.


Satan In The Heart

Paul the apostle, one of God's most spiritual vessels, had a "thorn" "a messenger OF SATAN IN HIS [sinful-Ro.8:3] FLESH' to buffet him & keep him humble - 2Cor.12:7. This was much more than just Jewish persecution as some would suggest. He realized, even as who are Christians today should realize..that is "that IN ME [that is IN MY FLESH] dwelleth NO GOOD THING.'' Ro.7:1 & 23. One of these numerous varieties of "no good things" was found manifest in the form of an UNHOLY SPIRIT [of darkness & deception] IN Ananias, who also had the holy Spirit [of light & truth]. Ac.4:31, 32.

Though his heart had surrendered to Christ's Lordship in salvation, it had not surrendered to Christ's Lordship in the area where Peter said, "Ananias, Why hath SATAN FILLED THINE HEART to lie to the holy Ghost, & keep back part of the piece of land?" Ac.5:3. This thing in his heart was no less than an actual "lying spirit" 1Kgs.22:21-23. This spirit had conceived, lodged, and become manifest IN HIS HEART and spoke through his mouth.

Many times we find, that "OUT OF the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Matt.l2:34. Therefore brethren, let us "lie not against the truth." Jas.3:14. Neither let us be like Peter, who harbored a spirit of conceit (Ro.12:1; 1Cor.8:2) IN his heart and manifested it with his mouth. Jesus recognized this as a spirit of the devil & rebuked it IN Peter commanding, "Get thee behind me Satan.'' Matt.16:21-23; Mk.8:31-33. May we all be able to recognize these things, repent, and put them behind us also.

Judas Iscariot was one of twelve "chosen apostles" chosen and named as his apostles by Jesus Himself - Lk.6:13; Eph.4:11. Yet, in the very presence of Jesus Himself, "SATAN ENTERED INTO HIM" (Jn.13:27), even though Judas in type, had been as one of those who was first chosen and called "out of darkness into His marvelous light."1Ptr.2:9. As present day disciples of Christ, dark areas of our hearts and souls do yet contain evil and corruption--to a greater or lesser degree than Peter, Ananias or Judas. In the soul of man dwells many forms of darkness such as sin and iniquity, and can of a truth, also receive and harbor other spirits than that of Christ - 2Cor.11:3, 4.

As regenerated believers, our spirits are POSSESSED by Christ and no other, but our soul and mortal body can still be inwardly as well as outwardly vexed and oppressed by iniquity, Satan, sin and sickness. The mind can be sick as well as the body. Therefore brethren, "Be not Afraid" (Josh.1:9) but "be sober, be vigilant" (1Ptr.5:8) that the "roaring lion" and all adversaries of the soul (Psa.71:13) devour you not. We do not have to be "ignorant of his devices" (2Cor.2:11) which are, through God's Word, revealed to be IN us.


Within The Land

Beloved ones, think not that the devil & his adversaries [which include ALL POWERS of DARKNESS - i.e.. iniquity sin, works of the flesh, spirits etc.] are not yet still residing and warring WITHIN THE LAND [the individual & corporate body] of promise, even that land of our soul that has been bought for a price - 1Cor. 6:20. Remember, the "ites" were still in the land that God had given his children. God is a Spirit (Jn.4:24) & Satan is a spirit - Lk.4:33. Therefore, now the warfare is IN OUR SPIRITUAL MAKEUP. Know too that in the Old Tesatment, the enemy was not aftraid of the Israelites. They were however, fearful of the Israelites God!

Be not deceived. Christ has purchased the entire land [even body, soul and spirit] for us, but WE MUST ALLOW His Spirit to continue on in & take total possession of all our land by His greater force - Matt.11:12; Nu.13:30. It is to be a continual warfare & deliverance (Deut.7:22; 1Cor. 1:9, 10) through our yielding in obedience to the operation of the Holy Spirit. Only the works of His Spirit & the operation Of His faith in & through us brings our rest - Heb. chptr.4.

The enemy of our soul is to be driven back and CAST entirely OUT OF the land (Ex. 23:24; Deut.6:19; 7:1-5; 9:1-5; Josh.13:12), for they have outwardly and inwardly defiled and polluted it - Lev.18:25. The "ites" (Deut.7:1) IN our land, in whatever alliance they have in hindering the conquest of it, must be overcome in order to have dominion in reigning over this land. "Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body - Ro. 6:12. The children of Israel conquered different cities in different ways as they were instructed by the Lord. The same principles apply in the possessing of our promised new land today.

Too many are looking only to possess earthly pleasure and treasure - Matt.6:19. Seek not "their peace or their wealth for ever: that ye may be strong." Ezra 9:12. This will only sap your spiritual strength. Oh people of God, "How long are ye slack to go to possess the land which...the Lord has given you?" Josh.18:3. It is not a question of how much land the Lord has given us, but rather of how much of that which he has given us, we appropriate for ourselves - Josh.1:3.

Even today, for many "there remaineth very much land to be possessed."Josh.13:l. This yet remains true as "the body is dead [in death] because of sin" (Ro. 8:7) even that rebellious sin nature imputed to all mankind because of one man's offense - Ro.5:12-21. The heart of the sons of man is evil - Eccl.9:3; Isa.64:6. Who can know the nature of the heart? The answer of course is only God Himself! Ezk. 11:5. Will you allow his life giving Spirit to search out and to lighten the darkness in your heart? Jer.17:10. Will you allow him to cleanse and purify it, to conquer and overcome its many enemies? It seems many will not! Deut.23:14.

Darkness in many forms of evil, operated continually IN the rebellious, unbelieving and idolatrous hearts of God's chosen Israel - Jer.4:14 ; Hos.7:2; Am.5:12 etc. Likewise, it operates IN God's children today - Eph.4:29; Co1.3:8; Mat.6:21; Jas. 4:8. Jesus speaking to "all the people" including His followers, taught that... "FROM WITHIN OUT OF THE HEART OF MAN(KIND)" proceeds evil - Mrk. 7:14-23. "There are many devices [of darkness and evil] IN a man's heart. ''Prv. 19:21. Of the Pharisees Jesus said, "Your INWARD PART is FULL of ravening and wickedness.'' Lk.11:39. It is "FULL of hypocrisy and iniquity." Matt.23:28.

Christians are not at all exempt from the operation of hypocrisy (Matt.7:5), nor iniquity (Matt.7:23), nor the working of any form of evil (Matt.7:11) spirit IN their hearts. The spirit of the Pharisee is still very prevalent in humanity. James speaking to his brethren says, "EVERY MAN has his own lust" (Jas.l:14); whereby it is of a truth brethren, that "the [personal] spirit that DWELLETH IN US LUSTETH TO ENVY." Jas.4:5. If you don't allow the holy Spirit to have dominion over your spirit, then their are other types of spirit(s) that can rule nd even ruin your life.

The word clearly reveals that jealousy itself, can be an actual evil spirit - Num.5:14, 30. So, "if you have bitter envying & strife IN YOUR HEARTS, glory not, & LIE NOT AGAINST THE TRUTH."Jas.3:4. Only knowing & facing the truth can set you free-Jn.8:32. Even though you may have the holy Spirit within,"OUT OF the SAME mouth proceedeth BLESSING & CURSING. MY BRETHREN, these things ought not so to be"(Jas.3:l0) for "what fellowship hath RIGHTEOUSNESS WITH UNRIGHTEOUS -NESS?" 2Cor.6:14. Jesus said, no man can serve these two masters in holiness - Matt.6:24. All unrighteousness is in sin. Let it not reign IN you that you should obey its lusts - Ro.6:12.

Oh city of God, 'Wash thine heart from wickedness." Jer.4:14. Continue to "draw nigh to God...Cleanse your hands ye sinners ["of my people"Am.9:10; Gal.2:17; 1Cor.6:18] and purify your hearts ye DOUBLE MINDED.. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, & He shall Lift you up.'' Jas.4:8-10. Humility is the primary key to deliverance & sanctification, & only in this yielded attitude, is God both willing and "able to deliver us."Dan.3:17.

With that unruly master ever present, namely the tongue, all men are prone to BLESS GOD & CURSE MEN - Jas.3:8,9. So then in this sense, we see that "DEATH WORKETH IN US" (2Cor.4:12) as well as that renewing LIFE of the holy Spirit. The LIFE & LIGHT of Christ shines in our new-born spirit (2Ptr.1:19) called "the new man"(Eph.4:24; Co1.3:10), whilst the deeds of "the old man" nature (Co1.3:9; Eph.4:22) remain "corrupt according to deceitful lusts.'' Eph.4:22. It, along with our mortal fleshly body shell called "the outward man"(2Cor.4:16), continues to perish.

As "a new creature" we may be "dead with Christ" (Ro.6:7, 8) to the PENALTY of sin & death, but we are not yet dead to the POWER of sin & death. This I say then, walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the spirit against the flesh: & THESE ARE CONTRARY ONE TO THE OTHER" [as are light & darkness, good and evil] - Gal.5:16, 17. Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul [which indwells your spirit]" 1Ptr.2:11. These are lusts that are "earthly, sensual [and even at times] devilish." Jas. 3:15. These cause "WAR IN YOUR MEMBERS'' as well as in the land without - Jas.4:1.

For those who continue to disbelieve that light can not dwell with or within darkness, evil cannot dwell in the presence of good, nor evil spirits WITHIN the fallen flesh nature & natural senses [soul] of believers; consider the spirit of fear. Fear because of ignorance is what binds many right now. Fear, either originates from an actual spirit [as is jealousy & lying], or from a work of the flesh, or from both - 1Jn.4:8; 2Tim.1:7; 2Cor.7:5. We need not fear where it comes from. But the fact remains, it has to be present IN someone in order to be CAST 0UT as the scripture says. There are many different ways the Spirit of God's love can do this depending on individual circumstances. Exorcism through prayer is only one of numerous ways the holy Spirit may will to deal with evil spirits.

These evil entities are not always just things that whisper into ones ear from a perch on the shoulder. This idea is a deception from the enemy to conceal truth and knowledge which can proceed to set them free. There are spirit entities made up of spirit substance, just like your own inner nature. Mortal flesh is no barrier to any kind of evil spirit but the fallen flesh nature does provide a common dwelling place for fallen spirit. Their very real dwelling place is IN the land Of YOUR mortal members, in the "outer court" makeup of your personal heavens [i.e. the mind, soul, flesh], and the fact of a real warfare IN this land becomes quite evident when "the kingdom of God is came upon you" (Lk.11:14-26) and 'WITHIN you." Lk.17:21. The outer court realms of the tabernacle in the wilderness, is a type of the heavens as well as an a type of both the corporate body and the individual body IN the body of Christ, and reveals the necessity and reality of cleansing by God's holy Spirit.

Initially, when the holy Spirit comes INTO the MIDST of Satan's former house, and begins progressively dividing asunder between spirit, soul and flesh, the INNNER MEMBERS of this house can no longer stand united in their ungodly purposes. They are subjected of the now present holy Spirit to weaken & fall. After the holy Spirit delivers a man who is now part of the outer kingdom of heaven from certain areas of filthiness, that man is still susceptible to other unclean spirits entering in unless he begins to willingly cleanse himself - Matt.12:43-45. In all of this, we are always to continue to guard ourselves, looking to Christand not dwelling on the things within. When darkness is made manifest to us by the holy Spirit, look to Christ who is ever present within to deliver us from this body of sin & death - Ro.7:24, 25.


In The Temple Of God

Know ye of a certainty that the Almighty Lord is WITHIN His holy temple [i.e. in types of furniture in the wilderness tabernacle], yet lest we be ignorant, so also is Satan [in forms of sin, death, evil spirit, iniquity etc.] dwelling in "the son of perdition", "the son of wickedness.'' Psa.89:22. The corporate body of this son is also known as that "man of sin" (2Ths.2:3), "the flesh" which is still under servitude to "the law of sin" IN "our outward man." 2Cor.4:16.

This spirit of "antichrist" is also known as "the body of sin" (Ro.6:6) which yet contains the powers of the "old man'', the former unregenerate sinful self which was totally unrighteous & corrupt but now is being crucified, "BEING made free'' (Ro.6:18) with & through Christ the Lord - Ro.6:6; Co1.3:9; Eph.4:22. "He [the son of perdition, the soulish sin nature, the antichrist] as God, SITTETH IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD [the mortal soul & body], shewing himself that He is God." 2Ths.2:4; Dan.11:36, 37.

The carnal nature is a true antichrist. It is of a spirit nature other than Christ's. Oh church, open your eyes! Examine your hearts! Apply the anointed eye salve that He is giving you. Put off the old man & put on His white raiment - Rev.3:18. If you do not allow the Spirit of Christ now to rule in your heart rather than that spirit which is antichrist, you will have no rightful part in the coming rule & reign of His glorious kingdom. You will be overcome and not an "overcomer."

The present temple of God, is also "where Satan's seat is [a throne wherein dwells his power & authority - Rev.13:2]...among you where Satan dwelleth." Rev.2:13. His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power, and he shall destroy wonderfully [by satanic deception & not by notable or even noticeable force]..the mighty & the holy people [the true church of Christ] - Dan. 8:23-25. When he stands up in full assertion of false prophecy and deception as he is doing in these last days, "he shall have accomplished to scatter the power'' of the church - Dan.12:7.

These scriptures whether they are to be taken literally or not, spiritually reveal "the depths of Satan"(Rev.2:26) in man's heart & soul, a spirit "whom the Lord shall consume.'' 2Ths.2:8. This "man of sin" shall prosper & prevail only until the indignation be accomplished - Dan.11:36. The kingdom of darkness shall in God's perfect timing, ultimately be consumed and destroyed (Dan.9:26), "broken without [human] hand (Dan.8:25) at the brightness of Christ's coming within His kingdom. "The gates of hell [even the evil hearts of men] shall not prevail." Matt.16:18.

It will be sufficient to note here...that just as the "great whore" of "Babylon" is not a country, nor a city, nor is she merely a singular nor literal woman, neither is "the man of sin" or "antichrist" necessarily an individual nor literal man. But He definitely is a very present spiritual reality. "Know ye not that ye [individually as well as corporately] are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God [also] dwelleth IN you."1Cor.3:16; 2Cor.6:16. "Shall the throne of iniquity [that sinful power that's also in you] have fellowship with thee?" Psa.94:20. Beloved, it is up to you now whom you will allow to rule on the throne of your heart, for "His servants you are to whom ye obey." Ro.6:16.


In The Holy Place

Make no mistake that this temple of God can be defiled both physically and spiritually, individually & corporately - 1Cor. 3:17; Matt.21:10-12. As New Testament priests of the Lord (1Ptr.2:5, 9) ye are also instructed to "SANCTIFY NOW YOURSELVES [first as an individual] and [then you will he truly able to] sanctify collectively] the house of the Lord God of your fathers, & CARRY FORTH THE FILTHINESS [DARKNESS] OUT OF THE HOLY PLACE [the place of LIGHT]." 2Chr.29:5. In other words, we must cast out first that dark beam that is in our own eye so that we might see clearly to effectively help minister light to that which is in our brother's eye - Matt.7:3-5.

We must allow the holy Spirit of our High Priest Christ, to operate in whatever way He wills in the "INNER PART OF THE HOUSE OF THE LORD, TO CLEANSE IT" & to carry OUT & wash away all the uncleanness to be found within our temple - 2Chr.29:16; Neh.13:8, 9, 22. Therefore "dearly beloved, let us [continue to] cleanse ourselves from ALL FILTHINESS OF THE FLESH & SPIRIT, perfecting holiness in the fear of God." 2Cor.7:1. In a type, we are to wash our own clothes to "be ready against the third day" [even the 1,000 year day of the Lord] Ex.19:10,11, 14, 15. "Awake...put on thy beautiful garments O Jerusalem, the holy city." If you do this, "there shall no more (COME INTO THEE the uncircumcised & the unclean." Isa.52:1, 2. He that hath an ear. let him hear what the Spirit saith.

Throughout the ages, many forms of "the abomination of desolation" [even man's sinful soul], have been asserting themselves, often rising up and standing unseen "IN THE HOLY PLACE." Matt.24:15. Therein, God' s holy priests themselves, have continued both outwardly & inwardly, to pollute the sanctuary and the "true tabernacle" is thus defiled - Zep.3:4; Dan.9:17. It is written that "the wicked of the earth shall pollute my secret place: for the ROBBERS SHALL ENTER INTO IT & DEFILE IT." The "holy places" of Jerusalem, [even the soul's of God's redeemed children] shall be defiled - Ez.7:20-24. And so they have been.

"When I would have healed Israel, the iniquity of Ephraim was discovered...& THE THIEF COMETH IN and [also] THE TROOPS OF ROBBERS SPOILETH WITHOUT." Hos.7::1. "The thief [devil] cometh not, but for to steal, & to kill & destroy" Jn.10:10; 8:10. He steals the love of God, & the unsurpassed peace it brings. Many are God's people who are fallen by the wayside "robbed & spoiled.'' Isa.42:2. The Spirit of the Lord therefore is continually calling as well as giving the ability to "Hear ye deaf; & look ye blind, that ye may see." Isa.42:18. Again we say, "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the church."

In all of this that we are saying, just as Paul, we teach nothing that is not seen in the law & foretold by the prophets - Ac.24:14; 26:22. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. " All these things [in the Old Test.] happened unto them for ensamples and they are written for our admonition" 1Cor.10:11. They all serve unto us as patterns and figures (Heb.9:23, 24), examples & shadows (Heb.8:5), of the true heavenly spiritual things...even these things that relate to our inner spiritual man.

It is written of God's people...''The spoiler shall suddenly come upon us."Jer.6:26. And so spiritually speaking, if you have been given spiritual eyes to see, He cometh INTO OUR LAND [our mind, our soul - Jer.31:12] & TREADETH WITHIN OUR BORDERS..& IN OUR PALACES [inwardly our bodies, temples--outwardly our temples & churches] Mic.5: 5, 6. Be it known O saints, that the thief can break up our house - Matt.24:43; Lk.12:39.

Of His wayward lukewarm people throughout the centuries, the Lord also saith, "Thou hast defiled my sanctuary with all thy destitute things and with all thine abominations" (Ezk.5:11), "in that ye have brought INTO MY SANCTUARY strangers [aliens, earthly, sensual & devilish], uncircumcised in heart...to be IN MY SANCTUARY to pollute it, even MY HOUSE. "Ezk.44:7. But the servants of sin cannot abide in His house forever. The "GREATER HE THAT IS IN YOU" (1Jn.4:4), even Christ, is the One that is the conqueror and shall abide forever IN HIS OWN HOUSE (Jn.8:35), whose house we are.

When the holy Spirit initially enters the strong man's house [fleshly house controlled by Satan], He must first bind the strong man. Then He can go about His business of progressively spoiling the old house and its goods - Matt.12:29. The strange fire, the strange gods, idols, & alters of false Babylonish worship must be exposed then taken out of the house of the Lord, and cast out of the city - 2Chr. 33:15. Only then, can true "peace be WITHIN THY WALLS & prosperity WITHIN THY PALACES." Psa.l22:7. The peaceable, spiritually prosperous palaces of the Lord's dwellings are the only ones that shall abide His soon coming. All else shall be shaken & will fall. No flesh shall stand nor glory in His soon coming presence - Heb.12:26-28; 1Cor. 1:29.


In High Places

We find that the spiritual wickedness of the principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world dwell ALSO in high heavenly places - Eph.6:12; 3:10. No wonder the heavens, even all of which is yet outside of the most holy place of the tabernacle of God...needs cleansing! In Old Test. type and shadow, physical "high places'' were places where Israel also worshipped false gods. Today in spiritual reality, these are unseen places, heavens, realms and dimensions much higher than the physical senses. Simply put, these are found in the realm of man's soul. This is where spiritual blessings and also spiritual warfare take place. They are places of iniquity and pride, of sin, and spiritual idolatry, found hidden deep within the human heart.

Are they not also found within God's chosen children? Are Christians exempt? Are these dark dwelling places of enemy not still IN JERUSALEM [the city of God's peace whom we as Christians are]? Ezk.43:7. Are they not IN ISRAEL [the church, the true Israel of God]? Ezk.36:1-2; Jer.32:34, 35. Yes, but nevertheless, the Lord had also promised, "I will open rivers [of living water - Jn.7:38] IN HIGH PLACES (Isa.41:18), in "the holy places of the tabernacles of the most HIGH" Psa.46:4. And so, He has sent His holy Spirit to dwell IN His earthen vessels and temples of living stone.

The Lord by His Spirit, now "treadeth upon the High places of the earth." Mic.1:3. Progressively & mercifully, "He maketh peace IN HIS HIGH PLACES."Jb.25:2. Ultimately, all "the HIGH PLACES of Isaac shall be laid desolate" (Am.7:9) and the "High places also of Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be destroyed. "Hos, 10:8. "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of high ones that are an high, & the kings of the earth upon the earth. "Isa. 24:21.

The prophet Ezekiel was lifted up "between the earth [flesh] and the heaven [spirit], and in this high place was shown in vision "where was the seat of the image of jealousy, [even "the seat of the beast"Rev.16:10] which provoketh to jealousy." Ezk.8:3. He was given to observe parts of the "spirit which dwelleth IN us [that] lusteth to envy.''Jas.4:5. "And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there [also]" (Ezk. 8:4) at the entrance gate of the inner court IN the city of Jerusalem, O city of God. Who does this natural city of Jerusalem typify today? It is none other than the true church? Zec.8:3; Isa.52:1-10; 60:14; 62:12 etc.


In Thick Darkness

Inside the court portrayed on the wall round about was "every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel."Ezk.8:10. They partook of unclean things & drank "broth of abominable things..IN THEIR VESSELS." Isa.65:4. So it remains today, "the iniquity of the house of spiritual Israel is exceeding great...and the city FULL OF PERVERSENESS"(Ezk.9:9), individually as well as corporately. Religious Babylon "is fallen, and become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird [thought]." Rev.18:10. "As a cage is FULL of birds, so are their houses [minds, souls] FULL OF DECEIT.'' Jer. 5:27. The idols are etched and set WITHIN their hearts (Ezk.14:3,4,7) wherein are the high DARK PLACES IN the chambers of man's imagery - Ezk.8:12; Isa.29:15; 30:1. The soulish, dark & evil recesses of God's children's hearts and carnal minds, even "the fruit of their thoughts"(Jer.6:19), were seen to contain vain "imagination and every HIGH THING that exalteth itself...against the knowledge of God.'' 2Cor.10:5.

Man's mind "is the seat of the beast [of his carnal sinful soulish nature] and his kingdom was [and is] FULL OF DARKNESS." Rev.16:10. Today, thanks to God, and to the faithful few that would prepare to stand in the gap to hold back a portion of hell...the weapons of their warfare are being made strong to the pulling down of the exposed strongholds of every enemy of the soul - 2Cor.10:4. O ye chosen of God, How many "golden calves" do you have left in your dark corrals, in those dark recesses and chambers of your imagery? How many of you have not yet allowed the Lord to bring them to light--to expose & destroy? See Jer.16:10-13; Ezk.24:6-14.

Whether one believes it or not, "THE LORD HATH SAID THAT HE WOULD DWELL IN THE THICK DARKNESS" 2Chr.6:1; 1Kgs.8:12. The Spirit of Christ has descended to dwell in the darkness of men's earthly tabernacles, in order that He might fill them with His glory. Christ in us now is the hope of full glory - Col.1:27. He is the Shekinah glory in the Holy of Holies, the most holy place within the vail of our mortal flesh.

God first sent His Son to shine as a glorious light IN the darkness of this natural world, but the darkness in men's carnal minds comprehended it not - Jn.1:5. Now, the Spirit of Christ has been sent to abide in the darkness of our souls, in corruptible fleshly bodies, wherein it is revealed, "He made DARKNESS HIS SECRET PLACE." Psa.18:11. Here, "the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God." 1Cor. 2:10. The depths of His Spirit calls unto the dark murky depths of our soul (Psa.42:7), whereby "in mercy and truth'', "He discovereth [& uncovereth] deep things out of darkness, & BRINGETH OUT TO LIGHT [exposing & overpowering] the shadow of death.'' Jb.12:22 ; Psa.107:10,14.

This is the same Spirit of Christ that "also descended into the lower parts of the earth [the regions of darkness & death]. He that descended is the same that ascended" (Eph.4:9, 10) bringing light to those that were held captive to death. Is He not spiritually carrying out this same principle of rescuing men today? Are you allowing Him to free you from the bondage's of your darkened soul?


In Thy Light

Let us fear no evil (Psa.23:4), if we ourselves dwell in "the secret [spiritual] place of the most High." Psa.91:1. "God who commanded THE LIGHT TO SHINE OUT OF DARKNESS, HATH SHINED IN our HEARTS, to give THE LIGHT of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.'' 2Cor. 4 :6. Lord, Thou hast set our iniquities before Thee, OUR SECRET SINS IN THE LIGHT OF THEY COUNTENANCE." Psa.90:8. Cleanse us, O Lord. O church,"take heed as unto A LIGHT THAT SHINETH IN A DARK PLACE) [even the heart of man], until the day dawn, & the Daystar [LIGHT-BRINGER] ARISE [TO FULNFSS] IN YOUR HEARTS." 2Ptr.1:19; Ac.26:18.

The Spirit of Truth has been given us "through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the Dayspring (Jb.38:12) from on high hath visited us, to give LIGHT[even understanding of truth] TO THEM THAT SIT IN DARKNESS and in the shadow of death." Lk.1:79; Jb.10:21,22; Matt:4:16; 1Ptr.2:9; Psa.23:4. "For WITH THEE is the fountain of life [dayspring]: In THY LIGHT SHALL WE SEE LIGHT (Psa. 36:9; Mic.7:8; Jb.29:3) and there "the Lord will BRING TO LIGHT THE HIDDEN THINGS OF DARKNESS, and will MAKE MANIFEST THE COUNSELS [dark purposes] OF THE HEARTS." 1Cor.4:5.

In this age of grace, the Lord is beginning to shine His judging and cleansing LIGHT WITHIN, in order that even the world without, might also receive His true light and life - Isa.49:6. Know ye not that judgment must first begin IN the house of God? 1.Ptr.4:17. Therefore, repent and let His judgment upon your flesh "run down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream" (Am.5:4), "as THE LIGHT that goeth forth." Hos.6:5. The thing that is hid bringeth He forth TO LIGHT." Jb.28:11. Yes, sooner or later, "the Lord will discover their secret parts." Isa.3:17. There will be no exceptions. "He WILL discover thy sins.''Lam.4:22.

The heaven shall reveal his iniquity" (Jb.20:27) and "in the hidden part shall He make us to know wisdom." Psa.51:6. 'WHAT I TELL YOU IN DARKNESS THAT SPEAK YE IN LIGHT." Matt.10:27. This we speak. The Lord also says, "I will give THE TREASURES OF DARKNESS" (Prv.10:2) and hidden riches of secret places - Isa.45:13. He replaces the things of darkness with His treasures of light and life. So He has given us of the wisdom of the holy Spirit and of His gracious gifts as "a treasure IN EARTHEN VESSELS." 2Cor.4:7.

Speaking of the Lord's earthly body of saints, we find "ALL DARKNESS SHALL, BE HID IN HIS SECRET PLACES" (Jb.20:26) until we allow the search LIGHT OF TRUTH to reveal and expose the "unfruitful works of DARKNESS." Eph.5:11. If we don't yield to what the holy Spirit wants to judge and cleanse in our life now, then it mist be determined later - Eccl. 12:14; 1Tim. 5:24, 25; 1Cor. 3:13. "All things that are reproved are MADE MANIFEST BY THE LIGHT, for WHATSOEVER DOES MAKE MANIFEST [in revealing the darkness] IS LIGHT." Eph.5:13.

We must learn now to "WALK IN THE LIGHT AS HE IS IN THE LIGHT" (1Jn.1:7) in order to dissolve the darkness. Know that only unto the upright there "ARISETH LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS.'' Psa. 112:4. "Everyone that doeth evil hateth THE LIGHT neither cometh to THE LIGHT lest his deed be reproved, But he that doeth TRUTH cometh to THE LIGHT that his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God." Jn.3:20-21

The Lord Himself and no other, has brought into creation all forms of LIGHT and DARKNESS. "I FORM THE LIGHT and CREATE DARKNESS" (Isa.45:7; Psa.105:20), saith the Lord. Therefore surely only "He knoweth what is in the darkness, and THE LIGHT dwelleth with Him." Dan.2:22. But the things of darkness, "God hath revealed..unto us by His Spirit: for, The Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God." 1Cor.2:10.

How did He create this darkness and capacity for evil? Simple! In the beginning when all things came out of Him into a lower realm, in accordance with His plan for the ages, He just turned off the LIGHT. He withdrew His Spirit in varying degrees of brightness. Now in His sovereignty, and as a part of the dispensation of His plan of the ages, "the eyes [lights, lamps, seven Spirits] of the lord are IN EVERY PLACE [darkness included], beholding the evil & the good.'' Prv. 15:3. "The DARKNESS & THE LIGHT ARE BOTH ALIKE [and open] unto Thee." Psa.139:12. He is in total sovereign control of all these things. Continue to look to His light & trust Him in all His works.


The Light Which Is In Thee

"There is a spirit in man: and the inspiration [light] of the Almighty giveth them [men's spirits] understanding"(Jb. 32:8) of what is in the darkness as well as the Light. "The [ENLIGHTENED] spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the [dark] inward parts of the belly"(Prv.20:27) for the Lord desires that "out of His belly shall flow rivers of Living water.'' Jn.7:38.

Christ's life is THE LIGHT of men, both naturally and spiritually - Jn.1:4. Jesus said, "As long as I am in the world [and He is now IN US], I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD." Jn.9:5. When the Lord lights a man's candle or lamp [a man's heart or spirit] with His Spirit, He is giving LIGHT [understanding of true eternal life] to the darkness in man's soul. - Psa.18:28; 2Sam.22:29. He does this through His grace, in order to bring back his soul from the [darkness of the] pit, TO BE ENLIGHTENED WITH THE LIGHT OF THE LIVING."Jb.33:30. In doing this, "I will guide thee with mine EYE [even my all seeing, all knowing Spirit]"(Ps.32:8; Jn.16:13), saith the Lord. Then, that man's "life shall see [with his eye, the Spirit] the [true] LIGHT." Jb.33:28. He shall say with great confidence, 'The Lord is MY LIGHT and my salvation; whom shall I fear?" Psa.27:1.

'Take heed therefore that THE LIGHT WHICH IS IN THEE BE NOT IN DARKNESS"(Lk.11:35) as in 1Jn.2:8-11. For "ye were sometimes [in your disobedience] darkness, but now are YE LIGHT IN THE LORD: walk as children of LIGHT" Eph.5:8. The people that walked in darkness have seen A GREAT LIGHT: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the LIGHT shined."Isa.9:2. "If thy whole body [spirit & soul] therefore be FULL OF LIGHT, having no part dark, the whole [man] shall [eventually & permanently] be FULL OF LIGHT, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light." Lk. 11:34-36.

"The light of the body is THE EYE"[the enlightened renewed spirit] and "the LIGHT OF THE EYES rejoiceth the heart.'' Prv.15:30. "If therefore thine EYE [even the Spirit of understanding - Eph.1:18 ] be single [sound, whole in its purpose in looking to the Lord], thy whole body shall he FULL OF LIGHT. But if thine EYE be evil [unsound, double minded] thy whole body shall be FULL OF DARKNESS. If therefore the LIGHT [understanding] that is in thee be DARKNESS, how great is that darkness." Matt.6:22,23. Indeed, and how great is the darkness that the majority of the church walk in today!

"While ye have LIGHT, believe in the LIGHT, that ye may be THE CHILDREN OF LIGHT.'' Jn.12:36. "Let us therefore cast off THE WORKS OF DARKNESS and let us put on the ARMOUR OF LIGHT "(Ro.13:12) as protection, that the darkness might not penetrate further into our souls, once more engulfing and enslaving us - 2Ptr.2:19-22, Therein, we could become a "wicked & slothful servant"(Matt. 25:26; Lk.19:22) , even a "castaway"(1Cor.9:27), cast" into OUTER DARKNESS" (Matt.25:30), devoid of much rewarding truth to be gained from knowing Christ intimately.

Beloved, glorify God IN YOUR BODY and IN YOUR SPIRIT which are God's.'' 1Cor.6:20. Hide not YOUR LIGHT under a bushel - Lk. 11:33. "Let your loins be girded about, & YOUR LIGHTS burning." Lk.12:35. "Let YOUR LIGHT so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matt.5:14-16; 1Ptr.2:11, 12. Do this "that ye may he blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked & perverse nation, among whom YE SHINE AS LIGHTS IN THE WORLD." 1Ths.5:5; Matt.5:14.


An End To Darkness

Finally, let us thank our sovereign God who has made full provision to deliver us from all forms of darkness and evil - Ro.7:24,25. Let us praise and thank the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin [and consequently the darkness] of the world.'' Jn.1:29. Who is He "who shall deliver me from THE BODY OF THIS DEATH [and present darkness]? Again, let us "thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord." Ro.7:24,25. Only "HE SETTETH AN END TO DARKNESS."Jb.28:3. Only in the brightness of HIS LIGHT "He casteth away the substance [all spiritual darkness that's found in sin and death] of the wlcked.'' Prv.10:3. Only IN HIS LIFE & LIGHT shall all death be "swallowed up in victory." 1Cor.15:54. Are you able to open wide the door of your heart and soul (Rev.3:20) to the deep penetrating life of His Spirit? Are you willing, to let His light reveal the darkness that He might give you fullness of His light and life? Look to Him and trust Him and the victory will be yours.

What a glorious day it shall be, when in the city of the redeemed, even WITHIN a glorious church having no spot nor wrinkle, "there shall be NO NIGHT [darkness] there." Rev.22:5. The holy Spirit & the angels shall have gathered "OUT OF HIS KINGDOM ALL THINGS THAT OFFEND"(Matt.13:41), bringing fullness of peace "WITHIN THY WALLS, and prosperity [true & lasting spiritual riches] WITHIN THY PALACES." Psa.122:7. Only then, shall all the land [both natural and Spiritual] "have rest from war." Josh. 14:15; 1Kgs.5:4. Only then, shall it truly be fulfilled that "thy seed [Christ & His body - Gal.3:16) shall POSSESS THE GATE OF HIS ENEMIES." Gen.22:7. "Violence shall no more be heard IN THY LAND, wasting nor destruction WITHIN thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates praise...the Lord shall be unto thee AN EVERLASTING LIGHT, and THY GOD THY GLORY." Isa.60:18-20. And "In that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book and THE EYES OF THE BLIND SHALL SEE OUT OF OBSCURITY, AND OUT OF DARKNESS." Isa.29:18.

"Arise, SHINE; for THY LIGHT IS COME, & THE GLORY OF THE LORD is risen upon thee. For, Behold, THE DARKNESS shall cover the earth, and GROSS DARKNESS the people; but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and HIS GLORY shall be seen upon thee."Isa.60:1, 2. The Lord saith, ''Unto you that fear My name shall the SON of righteousness arise"(Mal.4:2) "and I will give him THE MORNING STAR" - Rev.2:28; 22:16.

"Then shall the righteous SHINE forth as the SUN in the kingdom of their Father" (Matt.13:43); "then shall THY LlGHT break forth as THE MORNING" (Isa.58:10); then shall THY LIGHT rise in obscurity and THY DARKNESS be as NOONDAY"(Isa.58:10), "and the gentiles shall come to THY LIGHT and kings to THE BRIGHTNESS of thy rising."Isa.60:3; 62:1. Surely, "They that be wise shall SHINE as THE BRIGHTNESS of the firmament...as THE STARS for ever and for ever."Dan.12:3

"Let not wickedness [DARKNESS] dwell IN thy tabernacles", then "thou shalt SHINE forth, thou shalt be as THE MORNING." Jb.11:14-17; 2Ptr.l:19. Surely, "His going forth is prepared as THE MORNING" (Hos.6:3) and "as THE LIGHTNING that cometh out of the East and SHINETH unto the West." Matt.24:27. Then, "when He shall appear, we shall be like Him" (1Jn. 3:2) "as THE LIGHT of THE MORNING when THE SUN riseth, even AS A MORNING without clouds." 2Sam.23:4; Ezk.1:28. Beloved, then shall His appearing IN His body be truly known and manifest when "OUT of Zion, THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY God hath SHINED." Psa.50:2. "And thine age shall he clearer than THE NOONDAY; thou shalt SHINE forth, thou shalt be as THE MORNING." Jb.11:17.

Thou shalt be one with "THE BRIGHT and MORNING STAR." Rev.22:16. "This is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that GOD IS LIGHT, and IN HIM IS NO DARKNESS at all." 1Jn.1:5. Only "the path of the just is as A SHINING LIGHT, that SHINETH more and more unto THE PERFECT DAY." Prv.4:18. Only "If we walk IN THE LIGHT as He is IN THE LIGHT" (1Jn.1:7) we have fellowship with Him"(1Jn.1:6) and "the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all [the DARKNESS] of sin." 1Jn.1:7.

'The watchman said, THE MORNING cometh, and also THE NIGHT: if ye will inquire, inquire, ye: RETURN, COME." Isa.21:12

K. Ross Mckay

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