If one truly believes the Bible to be the factual authoritative word of God, then the following scriptures portray one harmonious truth concerning the Godhead. We realize that there are other ways of interpreting the mystery of the Godhead, therefore what we present here, may not be acceptable to some. We merely suggest to those that are mystified, or have little true understanding of this subject, to do a little studying, in order that they may satisfy themselves. This should enable one to give a suitable, yet sensible scriptural answer, to any that ask.

We present the following outline as a guideline only, and as an incentive for personal study. May the holy Spirit guide and quicken each one who seeks to know the Lord through His inspired Word. May He also guide him, who genuinely desires to worship God in Spirit and in truth.


The holy Bible (KJV) states that there is but

ONE CREATOR (Prov.26:10), yet it also states:

JESUS IS THE CREATOR--Jn.1:3,10; 1Cor.8:6; Eph.3:9; Col.1:12-17; Heb.1:8-12; Rev.4:8-11;10:6; 14:6,7; 21:5,7....the same as it says:

JEHOVAH IS THE CREATOR--Gen.1:1; 2:7; Jb.33:4; Psa.33:6;104:30; Isa.40:28; 44:24; 45:11-18; 64:8; Mal.2:10. (Both therefore, are equal in the function of creation).


ONE REDEEMER AND SAVIOUR [Ac.4:12; Ro.3:30], yet it also states:

CHRIST IS THE REDEEMER and SAVIOUR-- Matt.1:21; Lk.2:11; 24:21-29; Jn.4:40-42; Ac.20:28; Gal.3:13; Phil.3:20; 1Tim.2:3; 4:10; Tit.1:1-4; 2:10-13; 1Ptr.1:10,11; 2:21-24; 1Jn.4:14; Jude 25; Rev.1:5....the same as:

JEHOVAH IS THE REDEEMER and SAVIOUR--Psa.78:34,35; 106:21; Isa.43:3,11; 44:6; 45:15,21:47:4; 49:26; Lk.1:46,47; 1Tim.2:3. (Both therefore, are equal in the function of salvation).


ONE KING [Psa. 47:7], yet it also states:

CHRIST IS THE KING--Matt.2:1-6; Lk.19:32-38; 23:3; Jn.18:37; 19:21; 1Tim.1:17; 6:13-16; Rev.15:1-4; 19:11-16......the same as it says:.

JEHOVAH IS THE KING--Psa.44:4; 72:11; Isa.43:10-15; 44:6-8; Jer.10:10; Zec.14:9. (Both therefore, are equal in rulership, power and authority...the Father being the nominal "head"-1Cor.11:3



ONE SHEPHERD [Jn.10:16], yet it also states:

JESUS IS THE SHEPHERD--Jn.10:8-12; Heb.13:20; 1Ptr.5:4; 1Ptr.2:25.......the same as it says:

JEHOVAH IS THE SHEPHERD--Psa. chptr. 23; Psa.100; Isa.40:10,11. (Both therefore, are equal in leadership, feeding, protecting etc.).


ONE ROCK [1Cor.10:4], yet it also states:

JESUS IS THE ROCK--Matt.16:17,18; Ac.4:11,12; Eph.2:20-22; 1Ptr.2:6-8; Num.20:1-11; Isa.28:16......the same as it says:

JEHOVAH IS THE ROCK--Deut.32:1-4; 2Sam.22:2,32; 23:3; Psa.18:2,31; 31:3; 78:35; 89:26; Isa.17:10. (Both therefore, are equal as the foundation and strength of the church).


ONE I AM and I AM HE [Jn.5:26], yet it also states:

JESUS IS THE I AM-- Jn.18:5-8; 8:24-28; Rev.1:17,18; Rev.22:13; Jn.13:19,20...... the same as it says:

JEHOVAH IS THE I AM--Ex.3:13,14; Isa.43:10,11,25. (Both therefore, are equal in being a part of the Godhead).


ONE IS COMING [Psa.50:3], yet it also states:

JESUS IS COMING--Matt.25:31-46; Ac.1:11; 1Cor.1:7; 1Ths.3:11-13; Tit.2:11-13; Rev.1:7; 22:7;12,20......the same as it says:

JEHOVAH IS COMING--Psa.50:1-6; Zec.14:4,5; 1Ths.4:13-18; Rev.19,11,16. (Both therefore, are equal in bringing reward and judgment).


ONE FIRST and LAST[ Prv.30:4], yet it also states:

JESUS IS THE FIRST and LAST-- Rev.1:17,18; 16:20; 22:13......the same as it says:

JEHOVAH IS THE FIRST and LAST--Isa.41:4; 43:10,11; 44:6-8; Rev.1:8; 21:6. (Both therefore, are equal in existence and in operation).



GOD (is) A (holy) SPIRIT- Jn.4:23,24; Ac.7:48,49; 17:24-28; Psa.139:11,12; 1Kgs.8:27; Jer.23:21,27...

and though there is...

ONLY ONE (holy) SPIRIT- 1Cor.12:13; Eph.2:18; 4:4...

there is both Father and Son- Prv.30:4; 2Sam.22:47...whose holy Spirit is that of...

ONE GOD ONLY- 1Jn.5:20; Deut..6:4-9; Ex.20:3; Psa.86:10; Isa.37:16; 43:10,15; 44:6-8; 45:2,6,23; 46:8,9; Zec.14:9; Mal.1:6; 2:10; Mk.12:28-34; Ro.3:3; 1Cor.8:4-6; Eph.4:5.6; 1Tim.2:5; Jas.2:19; Rev.4:2,3; etc.

therefore, only...

JEHOVAH WITH JESUS ...is GOD - Jn.1:1; Ex,.3:13-15; Isa..7:14; 9:6; 43:10; Zec.12:10; Mic.5:2; Matt.1:23; Jn.5:18,26; 8:19,58; 10:30; 12:44; 13:19,20; 14:7,9; 17:5; 21:17,28; 2Cor.4:4; 5:19; Phil.2:6; Col.2:9; 1Tim.3:16; Tit.2:13; Heb.1:3 etc.

and the name JEHOVAH is applied to...

the FATHER (Psa.110:1), the SON (Jer.23:6; Isa.26:4), and the HOLY SPIRIT (2Sam.23:2; Matt.10:20; Mk.13:11).


JEHOVAH only, knows the hearts of men (1Kgs.8:39), but yet we see, so did JESUS - Jn.2:24; Lk.5:22; Matt.9:4; 1Cor.1:24.

Can there be any higher and holier in majesty than the ONE LORD (1Cor.8:6), the only "King of Kings" and "Lord of lords" who is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST (1Tim.6:15; Rev.17:14; 19:16).....who in perfect union and harmony of plan, purpose, and spirit, possesses the same power and authority of Lordship as His Father JEHOVAH GOD-- Deut.10:17; Psa.83:18; 95:3. CHRIST is the HOLY ONE (Habk.1:12), equally holy with JEHOVAH the HOLY ONE.



The holy GODHEAD is better able to be described in group or composite unity; a oneness in combination, but not in a singular or solitary unity, such as is in the three part composition and structure of a single egg (Jn.chptr.17). The One divine GODHEAD could very well be described as a sovereign personal alliance; a divine merger, bloc, bond, federation, coalition, junction and fusion of absolute power.

The Father and the Son, TOGETHER in their holy Spirit, have an interdependent cohesive relationship one with the other. Ever Operating TOGETHER IN ONE divine amalgamation, they could be described as ONE inseparable, dualistic complement, ONE complete aggregate, ONE UNITED COMBINATION, functioning sovereignly in ONE ACCORD, as ONE UNIT, AND ONE GOD. Our one Lord, is more than one in the "we are", but only ONE "I AM" - Jn.8:58; Isa.44:6.

The LORD JESUS CHRIST, and THE LORD JEHOVAH, TOGETHER ARE the ONLY LORD GOD (Jude 4), "perfect IN ONE" Jn.17:22,23. THE SPIRIT OF THE FATHER IS IN JESUS AND THE SPIRIT OF JESUS IS IN THE FATHER-Jn.14:10,11. The creation itself, is to eventually become ONE with the ONE SPIRIT of both the Father and the Son--becoming "heirs of God (the Father) and JOINT heirs with Christ."Ro.8:17. In type, man will be heirs TOGETHER of the grace and life" (1Ptr.3:7), MELDED and BONDED IN PERFECT UNITY, and MERGED into the DIVINE PARTNERSHIP and HEAVENLY KINSHIP of Almighty God.


The holy Spirit can be explained in its context of the Godhead, as the essential ethereal life force, and PERSONAL SPIRIT, of both the Father and the Son whereby God exists, in all His inherent godliness and holiness. In contrast, ungodly men have an unholy personal spirit. The holy Spirit of God, is not at all another person, nor a spirit being other than the Father and the Son, but rather, IS THE CORE SUM AND SUBSTANCE OF HIS SPIRIT SELF. AMONG OTHER THINGS, HIS HOLY SPIRIT, IS THE DIVINE AGENCY AND POWER THROUGH WHICH IS EXPRESSED THE NATURE, CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, LIFE, AND VOICE, OF BOTH THE FATHER AND THE SON. The holy Spirit or holy Ghost, is not another Son of the Father as the religious carnal mind tends to believe. Ask yourself this, "If Jesus Christ is the ONLY begotten Son of the Father, whose Son is the holy Ghost"?

The holy Spirit is the creative, life emanating, life giving, SUPERNATURAL POWER (Matt.1:18), and LIFE FORCE OF GOD'S BEING, containing HIS SOUL, which motivates and moves, AS THE WILL OF GOD- Gen.1:1-3. It can be "poured out" (Ac.10:45) of Himself to influence and be shared with His creatures. The Bible says that life is in the blood. Man cannot exist in this world without blood. Spiritually speaking, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE LIFEFORCE AND THE BLOOD OF GOD--AN EVIDENCE OF HIS INTANGIBLE, INTRINSIC ESSENCE. When Christ gave of His natural blood and life, it was a great sacrifice, as well as a symbolic gesture that released God's life and Spirit into the earth, activating the power of God unto salvation.

The holy Spirit is also personified as the "POWER OF THE HIGHEST" (Lk.1:35), through which the complex, compound and manifest reality of the Father and the Son can communicate (2Cor.13:14) with us. He can speak (Ac.2:4; 13:2; 8:29; 19:6; 21:11; Jn.16:13; 1Ti.4:1; Heb.3:7; 10:15), hear (Ac.5:3,4), testify (Ac.20:23; Jn.15:26), bear witness (Ro.8:16,26; 1Jn.5:6), reason (Ac.10:28), guide (Jn.16:13), forbid (Ac.16:6,7), teach (Jn.14:26; 1Cor.2:13; 1Jn.2:27) and He can even ordain elders -Ac.20:28. The holy Spirit, is the manifest intrinsic nature of God which reproves the world of sin (Jn.15:8), and glorifies the Son on earth-Jn.15:14.

Jesus said, "The words that I speak...ARE SPIRIT..ARE LIFE." Jn.6:63. The Lord speaks in and through the holy Ghost, HIS OWN SPIRIT-Ac.28:25; Isa.6:8,9. The holy Spirit can be expressed from the Father, through the Son unto man. Christ makes intercession for us (Ro.8:34) through HIS SPIRIT-Ro.8:26.

We are told that THE FATHER "CALLS' us (1Ths.2:12; 2Ths.2:13,14), THE LORD CALLS (Ac.16:10; 1Cor.7:17), JESUS CALLS (Ac.22:21; 26:16; Rev.3:20), CALLING US THROUGH THE DIVINE AGENCY OF HIS OWN OMNIPOTENT HOLY SPIRIT ESSENCE, NAMELY, "THE HOLY GHOST" Ac.13:2. To be in harmony with other scripture, this can be seen simply, to portray ONE God, calling us by the VOICE OF HIS OWN SPIRIT--ONE GODLY SPIRIT, ONE VOICE made manifest in the human plane of consciousness.


"The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead." Ro.1:20

Much truth concerning the Godhead can be found in natural things. As a basic principle, we see the earth composed of the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. But, all are ONE CREATION.

The Godhead consists of TWO DISTINCT ENTITY'S, and can be likened in a way, to the body and spirit of the Adamic creation. The body and the spirit have a personal corporeal form and essence. The holy Spirit, like unto man's soul, does not. It is intangible spirit substance without shape or form.

In like manner to body and spirit, the heavenly Father and heavenly Son SHARE TWO DISTINCT FORMS, such as does man while alive on earth. The body is visible, the spirit-soul is not. The Christ [body] is visible, the Father [Spirit-Soul] is not. Man's spirit resides in a flesh body while on earth. The Father's Spirit dwells in Christ's glorified flesh body in the heavenlies. The two are corporately one. There are actually many wondrous ways in which man is created in the likeness and image of His Creator. Here, we are just touching on a small facet of this great truth.

Consider this. At the moment of man's physical death, his spirit becomes separated from his earthly body. The one form become manifest as two distinct forms when viewed in the spiritual realm. In much the same manner, Christ, when He became separated from the Father in the death realm of this earth, became a distinct form here. During this time when the God-Son was separate, He could still communicate with His God-Father in heaven [more specifically, He could commune with His inner Spirit]. The fulness of the Father was in His body-Col.2:9. Therefore, Christ Himself was the fulness of the Godhead in an earthly body. Upon His literal bodily death, and after His return to the Father, the two became one again, in a heavenly fulfillment of the fulness of the Godhead body. He and the Father are truly One God.

The adamic man is also like the Godhead, in that mankind exists in the basic form of TWO DISTINCT BEINGS--male and female. When the two leave their former abodes and join together in a union of marriage, these two are also said to become one. The two make up ONE human family or race, just as the spirit and the body make up ONE human being. Correspondingly, The Father and the Son make up ONE DIVINE FAMILY, known as the GODHEAD. The Father and the Son are two distinct components, yet are also expressible in a ONENESS such as Adam and Eve had in creation (Gen.2:24; 5:2), as a man should have with his wife (Matt.19:5), and such as Christ has with His church-1Cor.12:8; 2Cor.11:2; Gal.3:28.

The nature of the Fathers holy Spirit is also that of the Son's, especially in all aspects related to created life. The Lord said to my Lord, "Let US [TOGETHER] MAKE man in OUR IMAGE, after OUR LIKENESS." Gen.1:26,27. Ask for our booklet, "In His Image" for a fuller understanding of this. He wishes to share this likeness of His image with us in fulness, whereby we might become complete "partakers of THE DIVINE NATURE." 2Ptr.1:4. This He is doing in a gradual work of progressive salvation.

In mathematical terms of analogy, the Godhead could be more likened unto 1 x 1 x 1, than to 1 + 1 + 1. ONE Father, ONE Son, ONE holy Spirit, still equals ONE GOD. The fact is, things equal to the same things are equal to each other. Look at it this way. A FAMILY is ONE UNIT, has ONE NAME, but has more than ONE MEMBER with INDIVIDUAL NAMES. The Father and Son are ONE FAMILY NAMED GOD, and we as His sons, become ONE with "the FAMILY OF GOD". Eph.3:15. In the same principle that A CLUSTER of grapes is ONE CLUSTER but has more than one grape, and ONE FLOCK has more than ONE SHEEP, so likewise the GODHEAD is ONE PLURAL UNIT.

Water is that which God often uses in His word as a symbol of HIS OWN SPIRIT BEING. Water is ONE SUBSTANCE, yet has more than ONE PROPERTY. It can be manifest in THREE DISTINCT WAYS. WATER [FATHER], ICE [CHRIST], STEAM [HOLY SPIRIT]. It exists as a liquid, a solid or a gas [vapour]. All forms of water are EQUAL in hydrogen and oxygen molecules in their three separate states, yet are different in appearance or manifestation. So it is with the Godhead.

A flame of FIRE is ONE THING, yet it always has three separate elements---heat [able to be felt..eg. the anointing], light [able to be seen..eg. the word, revelation, visions etc.] and fuel [the basic source of the flame]. In the Bible, FIRE is also symbolic of God's Spirit.


The Son's will, was ever in UNISON with the Father's will, both in His humanity and in His divinity- Jn,4:34; 5:19, 30; 6:38; Chptr. 8; Heb.10:7 etc. In this sense only, could He be considered subservient to the Father. It is also true, Christ served as a subordinate in the human meaning of belonging to an inferior or lower order when He came to earth (Phil.2:6-8), but He is ever a divine co-ordinate of the Godhead arrangement, in every work of creation and redemption- Jn.3:34,35; 5:17,18; Jn.14:10.

So we see the Godhead is really not that difficult to comprehend. Just as ALL humanity is ONE flesh (1Cor.15:39), so ALL THAT IS GOD is ONE SPIRIT. If more than one have the same titles and same function, such as Creator, Saviour, King, Shepherd, Rock etc., then they of necessity are equal to each other in these capacities, and are worthy of the same honor and worship from their creation. GOD is ONE DIVINE UNIT, yet both the Father and the Son have uniqueness of personality-Jn.10:30; 17:11; 21,22. "ALL MEN SHOULD HONOUR THE SON, EVEN AS THEY HONOUR THE FATHER." Jn.5:23. No wonder Jesus Himself proclaimed His DIVINE [not human] EQUALITY with His Father-Jn.5:18. He revealed A PERFECT ONENESS in His DUALISTIC DIVISION of existence, and now dwells forever in the fulness of God, as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the blessed and only Potentate-1Tim.6:15.



And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and underneath the earth and on the sea, and all in them, I hear also saying,



"Salvation be OUR GOD'S who is sitting on the throne


Rev.7:10 (Concordant Literal)


"Hear O Israel, YAHWEH [singular] our ELOHIM






K. Ross McKay

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