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101 "FOR WHO HATH RESISTED HIS WILL?" (Ro.9:19).....The will of man vs. the will of God in determining the creation's immediate and ultimate destiny - 37 pgs.   

102 "THE LORD KILLETH & MAKETH ALIVE" (1Sam.2:6).....A behind the veil look into one of the least known operations of Almighty God concerning His workings in goodness & evil - 9 pgs. 

103 "ASK ME OF THINGS TO COME" (Isa.45:11).....Pertinent questions & their biblical answers concerning the ultimate purposes & the plan of God, presented in an easy to read capsule summary - 13 pgs.  

201 "THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION" (Ro.1:16).....Reveals God's sovereign work of election and predestination in His plan of salvation from sin and death..Insights into the divine operation of the grace & faith of God in His omnipotent work of initial salvation - 22 pgs.  

202 "ETERNAL TORMENT: FACT OR FIGMENTATION?" (Matt.25:46).....God has spoken & decreed that all which he has determined, shall be done! Contains theological type questioning of the validity & harmony of eternal hell in relation to the contradicting sovereign ultimate will & purposes of the Almighty. This will make many think twice about the validity of traditional teaching of eternal torment or complete annihilation - 22 pgs  

203 "THE UNDIVIDABLE DIVISION" (1Ths.5:23).....A look at the differences as well as the close relationship of personal "spirit" & "soul" in their biblical applications to humanity - 15 pgs. 

204 "A LIGHT THAT SHINETH IN A DARK PLACE" (2Ptr.1:19).....A revelation of the operation of light & darkness, good & evil, in the heart & mind of man---even the redeemed - 19 pgs. 

205 "THE MYSTERY OF THE WOMAN & THE BEAST" (Rev.17).....Three major realms of "mystery Babylon" exposed & explained. The antichrist, beast & false prophet revealed -12 pgs. 

206 "THE HIGH CALLING...OF GOD" (Phil.3:14).....Kingdom truths concerning the fullness of salvation---its responsibilities & rewards. The necessity of overcoming NOW if one is to truly rule & reign with Christ in His coming kingdom on earth - 11 pgs. 

207 "THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS" (Phil.3:10).....Understanding sufferings & affliction in relation to God's perfect will. See..."Compassed With Infirmity" for a greater perspective of this theme - 19 pgs. 

208 "COMPASSED WITH INFIRMITY" (Heb.5:2).....A basic understanding of human suffering, sickness, death etc. & a look into several aspects of divine healing, including the sovereign timing of God's activated will to physically heal - 18 pgs.

 209 "BUY OF ME GOLD" (Rev.3:17).....Is seeking natural gain & success in the realm of true godliness? Is either poverty or material prosperity necessarily a godly curse or reward? - 12 pgs.

 211 "LIFE FROM THE DEAD" (Ro.11:15).....The relationship of man & God in this life, & its effect on the next. A look at some aspects of judgment in life, death, & resurrection - 17 pgs.

213 "THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN" (Matt.24:30).....The soon coming of Christ with, & in, a glorified body. Is the premise of "pre-tribulation rapture" of a truth or a lie? Are all "born again" Christians qualified & prepared to rule & reign with Christ at His next coming? - 20 pgs. 

215 "THE ISRAEL OF GOD" (Gal.6:16).....Who are they? Two peoples, two covenant, two elections, or one? - 12 pgs. 

216 "A WORLD OF INIQUITY" (Jas.3:6).....[chptr. 1]..A basic description & useful understanding of "iniquity". What specifically is iniquity? How does it operate? What are its effects & its results? [chptr.2]..Overcoming through understanding the hidden & subtle operations of iniquity. An expose' of the works, as well as the workers of iniquity in relation to the church--past, present, and future - 26 pgs.

 218 "THE MYSTERY OF THE FAITH" (1Ths.3:9).....[chptr.1]..The natural faith of man as compared to the saving "faith of God", is applied to the initial "born again" experience. [chptr.2]..The little understood workings of the faith of God--its divine operation in man in bringing him out of bondage - 26 pgs. 

220 "THE FULNESS OF THE GODHEAD" (Col.2:9).....A helpful study on the mystery of the Godhead--the Father, the Son & their holy Spirit - 10 pgs. 

221 "BY YOUR TRADITION" (Matt.15:3).....Exposing religious tradition & its bondage - 15 pgs.

 222 "WHEN HE ASCENDED" (Eph.4:18).....A non traditional yet very scriptural look at the ascension of Christ. Its relevance and significance in the return of Christ - 13 pgs. 

223 "MY COUNSEL SHALL STAND" (Isa.46:10).....The certainty of the completion of God's every counsel is guaranteed in the absolute omnipotence, omniscience & omnipresence of His being - 13 pgs. 

224 "IN HIS IMAGE" (Gen.1:27).....From the image of the original "good" but yet imperfect Adam man, unto the character & image of Christ - 20 pgs. 

225 "THE GOSPEL OF THE GRACE OF GOD" (Ac.20:24).....The sovereign operation of divine grace in determining man's initial salvation--as seen in the light of the Saviour of all men - 9 pgs.

 226 "COMPLETE IN HIM" (Col.2:10).....The completion of Christ's work from the "gift" to the "prize", even unto the perfection of the whole creation - 17 pgs.

 227 "GOD WHO CREATED ALL THINGS" (Eph.3:9).....The source of all things created, the purpose of their creation, & the restoration of this creation unto all things made new - 11 pgs. 

228 "GOD OMNIPOTENT REIGNETH" (Rev.19:6).....The mysterious operation of God's sovereign will in regards to the plan of the ages & its seeming contrast with man's will - 24 pgs. 

229 "THE GREATNESS OF THY POWER" (Psa.66:3,4).....The greatness of God's power in the fulfilling of His whole plan for all of creation - 15 pgs.

 230 "PRECIOUS SONS OF ZION" (Lam.4:2).....Zion, the overcomers of the Lord being prepared to manifest the perfection of Christ in all the earth - 26 pgs. 

231 "THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL" (1Tim.6:10).....A look at the deceitfulness of riches, its origin and results - 11 pgs.

 232 "THE SPIRIT WITHIN" (Jb.32:18).....The revealing of man's inner makeup wherein God is begetting & bringing forth the likeness of Himself in man. Compliments booklet #203 - 13 pgs. 

233 "THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH" (Psa.91).....A divine place of refuge and strength for the people that shall choose to overcome the forces of evil - 8 pgs 

234 "THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL" OF "HIS DOCTRINE" (Rev.14:6; Matt.7:28).....Basic teachings of Christ's doctrine. Its relevance to the church today in fulfilling the O.T. law - 20 pgs.

 235 "THE SON ABIDETH EVER" (Jn.8:35).....A basic foundation of eternal salvation from sin, from which the true eternal intents & purposes of God can be seen - 11 pgs. 

236 "THE ETERNAL PURPOSE" (Eph.3:11).....A general scriptural look at the overall purpose of the whole creation - 12 pgs. 

237 "IN THE BEGINNING" (Gen.1:1).....An expose' on the origin and manifestations of evil and the evil one's power - 14 pgs. 

238 "THE BODY, THE CHURCH" (Col.1:18)...Who or what is this one "body, the church" that the Bible speaks of? Where did this body come from? What is its purpose & destiny? -16 pgs.  

239 "THE SINLESS SON" (Heb.4:15; 7:26).....The absolute necessity and results of a sinless human sacrifice in the plan of God. Could Adam in his free will have remained obedient? Could Jesus, because of His free will, have chosen to sin? - 22 pgs.  

240 "THE SABBATH OF THE LORD" (Ex. 20:8-11).....The true meaning of the Sabbath in Christianity today - 12 pgs. 

241 "BY REASON OF HIM" (Rom. 8-20).....Another overall view of the plan of the ages - 16 pgs.. 

*Note: "THE DIVINE DESTINY" our original 140 page book is currently unavailable.  

There is no actual set charge for these publications. They are freely offered in the faith and love of God & can continue only according to the basic principles of Deut.16:17; Ezra 2:38; 7:15-18; Matt.8:10; Lk.6:38; Mrk.4:24,25; Ac.20:28; 33-35; 1Tim.5:17; 2Cor.9:6-15 etc.

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