Personal Testimony


In February 1985 God divinely intervened in my life while living the American dream as a pimp and hustler.  He sent a perfect laborer to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ to me, Sister Lettie O'Neal (now gone to be with the Lord).  I employed her as a live-in domestic worker in the summer of 1984 in Dallas, Texas. 

Three months prior to her employment, she received a word of prophecy from a man of God.  The word was that she would meet a man who would have one child and this is my prophet and he will do a great work for me says the Lord.  Several months after she received this prophecy I hired Sister O'Neal as my live-in domestic worker.

  Through much prayer and intercession God revealed to her that the man you are employed by is mine and has been chosen to prophesy to the body of Christ.  Her reply to God was, "How can this be when this man is a pimp?"  She began to speak to the Lord, "if this is so, Lord give me a sign that this is the man you have chosen."  A few days later, I came to Sister O'Neal questioning her concerning God.  It was then; she began to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me.  One day while ministering to me Sister O'Neal opened her Bible and book of Malachi chapter 3 appeared before her eyes and she read the scriptures about, will a man rob God.  These scriptures convicted me to give a tithe on all the money I received, even though I earned it from illegal means.  I believed I needed to start where I was.  I never thought I was doing God an injustice. 

 I believed I had to do what it took to live like the rich and famous the best way I knew how.  Several weeks had passed and one evening after being gone for three days and nights getting high on base cocaine, Sister O'Neal approached me while I was resting from a cocaine hangover, and asked me to turn the television on channel 49, a Christian TV station.  She mentioned " there is a preacher I want you to listen to".  This became a challenge for me because I didn't want to be preached to by anyone but Sister O'Neal.  Although I was not raised in church, religious people and church services bore me.  So I ignored her request.  While looking for a program that interested me I ran across a familiar face on the very channel I was trying to ignore.

  The man preaching was Demond Wilson, who played Lemont on a very popular comedy sitcom Sandford & Son, with Redd Fox.  In Hollywood California for several years I had a base of operations for my criminal activity that brought me into a social life and contact with Hollywood actors and entertainers.  I personally never met Demond Wilson, but his and my drug supply came from the same resource.  Listening now intensely and attentively to his message, he began to talk about his drug addiction and his criminal activities as a pimp while he was a actor on the Sanford & Son show, with Redd Fox.  His testimony of deliverance was awesome. 

He talked about how he went into a room in his mansion for days and came out baptized with fire and filled the Holy Ghost.  Immediately I was convicted of my sins and wanted the power of God in my life.  He then pointed his finger directly at me from the television screen and said, "there is a young man watching me and God has called you as a prophet to the body of Christ".  Although in my natural mind I didn't understand, but something inside of me knew it was God talking to me.  And immediately I fell to my knees, lifted my hands as a sign of surrendering with tears running down my face.  I confessed with my mouth and believed in my heart the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  From that day February 25, 1985 God begun a work that he has yet to finish.  Much more took place, then and after, but it can only be told in more detail when the Lord releases me to write the book "From Pimp to Prophet".