God sends Prophet Richard Knox as a prophetic voice with an Apostolic Anointing to the Body of Christ for his generation.  His strong meat revivals, conferences and seminars of present day truth reveal God on another level. And in a new dimension that changes lives and brings spiritual maturity and greater illumination of the purposes of God for the church and his creation by the power of the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God being manifested in the services.  The gift ministry of the Holy Spirit thorough Richard Knox brings miracles, deliverance and encouragement for the recipients of his ministry.  The call and spirit of God is upon Richard Knox to heal the broken hearted, set at liberty the captive and proclaim the kingdom of God in the acceptable year of our Lord for the edification and perfection of the church.  He is available to Pastors, Apostles and Bishops as a gift to the Body of Christ to help them in perfecting the Saints of God that are in their local churches and ministries.