Real to Reality”


                                                                                    A Ministry of ReCovering All... Mark and Cathy Eaton

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We have come to a major shift about the Goodness and Grace of God.  These Word Studies are years of study and research.  Because we are still digging, changes will be made from time to time.  “Good” is derived from the Hebrew Tob which means “purposeful worth, a worth that bares both weight and demonstration.  Tob implies “the worth of something, to estimate, to smell the fragrance of, worth but not in a rigid of systems or beliefs, but Good in a complete and satisfactory way. 

“Grace” is the Greek word Charis.  Charis is the divine beauty that influences you and empowers you.  It is derived from Chara which is the divine joy that exploded in the heart of God towards you. 

“Love “in Hebrew is Hesed which is “a divine momentum that moves toward you and extends to us a Reality.  A reality that that breeds stability that needs no attachment. 

“Love” in the Greek is Agape.  Agape is a Divine Investment into your being.  It always concerns covenant, but is not conditional.  Agape is the Love that has never been conditioned or broke down. 

We must understand that Grace and mercy, and goodness is a bridge to Love. 

“Mercy” is the Hebrew is racham which is the “feelings and emotions proceeded from the womb of God, a commitment of a superior to stoop down and reach an inferior.  A Soft spot that becomes a binding connection of which there is no perceived separation.” 

“Evil” is the Hebrew word “ra” and is the perceived absence of God that brings affliction.

It is the absence that we attempt to fill by a perceived loss.  

“Illusion” – It is a perceived mental vision that is frozen, invested in, and empowered.

It is a false representation.  There are Hebrew words that imply the “twisting or perverting of an illusion.  There are two Greek words that bring out this distinction.   “There is a way that seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof is death.”  All illusions break down the Design of God, the word “illusion” is not in the King James Version. 

“Delusion” is a false representation.  It is something that we perceive and create an

image of that is not authentic, A self-asserted definition that becomes more and more

real as we form a new belief system.   In the Greek, it implies a “level of fraud,

an energy and movement toward a false appearance that appears real.