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I've been working with doctors and therapists internationally for the last 30 years. I've come across hundreds of products and now I've found a substance called Glyconutrient that transcends anything that I've encountered so far. It's based on a new nutrition paradigm based on Nobel prize winning research. This product for the first time in history, builds the receptors on the cells. It reestablishes cellular communication and people are improving from cronic conditions that have never been able to be helped before. It improves the ability of other products to be used in the body. I was at the international conference last March and the key-note speaker was Dr. Benjamin Carson, one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world. He among hundreds of other prominent doctors are endorsing this product. nutrient

   I have people that have diabetes, high blood pressure, cronic fatigue, memory loss, etc. etc. etc who have had tremendous improvement. Many are off their medications all together. It's completely non-toxic and MIT considers it one of the top ten technologies that will change the world. I think it would be important if you could call Betty Potter at 281-482-4846. She will be able get any pertinent information to you that you may need, a protocol specific health issues and how to obtain the product.

Many blessings and good health,

Paul Esch

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The Story behind the BODY TUNER


    The body, in a positive state of health produces verifiable energy Pattern’s which maintain a harmonious balance among all of its component members. We are reminded of this necessary balance when an imbalance occurs. As we all know, when we have a toothache, we have an overall feeling of discomfort, not just a small annoyance in our tooth. When the toothache is relieved we experience an overall sense of relief. Investigation has revealed that when one of these areas of tissue imbalance occurs, the energy patterns in that area become pathological and destructive to our well being. Further investigation has revealed that when physiological energies were fed into the area of imbalance, the area transitions back to health and a balanced state of energy occurred.


     Health practitioners have recently had the advantage of modern electronics in testing, analyzing and treating of clients. However, in order to test a client, it has been necessary to have several testing instruments. This problem was compounded in that to administer therapy it was necessary to have several other therapeutic instruments. If any homeopathic remedies were required, even more equipment was necessary. The exciting news about the BODY TUNER is that now energy filtering (from pathological into physiological energy patterns) treating therapy, homeopathic remedy formulation and production can all be accomplished by one multi-functioned module, THE BODY TUNER.


    Equally exciting is that the technician uses simple easy-to-follow instructions and the BODY TUNER sophisticated circuitry performs all of the functions with no possibility of operator error or confusion.


     Health and vitality are normal conditions of the human body and mind. When all our body systems and organs function properly, we are considered “fit”, or Fully in Tune.

Anyone in good health should manifest these characteristics. Our bodies “broadcast” or radiate discernible, measurable wave patterns, which can be analyzed to determine the state of health of the brain and heart. Allopathic “medical” doctors have for decades used the electrocardiograph to determine the state of health of the brain and heart. Allopathic medicine is that branch of medicine, which claims to heal by the application of “therapy with remedies that produce effects differing from those of the disease treated”.



     The American Indians, the Chinese, and the ancient Egyptians, when sick or wounded with infections would seek out certain clays, dirt, organic substance, and certain mineral water.

When found, they would cover their body with it, or the infected area. In a very short time their body would be back to normal, revealing the power of nature to balance the body.


Research has revealed that mother nature (clay, mud, mineral water, organic substance, etc.) has the power to draw destructive pathological energies from the body, so that the body can heal itself.


SUCH IS THE POWER OF NATURE!!! Researcher/inventor Paul Esch from Pa. has extended the concept of using electronic measuring devices to determine the state of health. Relying on the fact that a healthy, vital organ gives off a characteristic wave pattern differing from that of a diseased organ, The BODY TUNER Vital Energy Pattern Harmonizer is designed to identify pathological wave patterns emitted by the body and, based on the dissonant pattern, create a harmonic pattern to neutralize the dissonant pattern, and manufacture an individualized homeopathic restorative for the individual. The homeopathic approach, used prominently by naturopaths, is defined as “therapy based on the use of minute quantities of remedies that in massive doses produce effects similar to those of the disease treated”. The homeopathic approach allows the body to work out its own remedy by creating a chemical or harmonic pattern “in miniature” to treat disease. Science has proven the truth of William Congreve’s maxim, “Music has charms to soothe the savage beast, to soften rocks, or bend the knotted oak.” Music is used both in physical and emotional therapy. Ultrasound is used to painlessly break up kidney stones. Plants have been shown to respond to some types of sound and music while responding negatively to others.


Paul Esch, has devised an electronic unit which receives the wave patterns emitted by the body. Receives wave patterns which are out of “sync” with the rest of the body’s systems, the unit evaluates the dysfunctional pattern to create a wave pattern which will balance out the dysfunctional pattern. The unit then introduces this balancing or harmonizing wave pattern into a neutral liquid medium to be taken by the affected client at appropriate intervals. The result is a restorative specifically designed for the affected individual. Its purpose is not to “destroy” the cause of the disease, but to restore the body to its natural state of good health and proper functioning. Until recently, it has been necessary for health practitioners to maintain a large array of equipment to analyze, test, evaluate and treat their clients. After years of research and development, Paul has succeeded in developing an electronic unit capable of performing the energy receiving functions, absorbing the individual’s wave patterns, filtering the dysfunctional patterns, filtering the pathological energy patterns and producing the homeostatic energy pattern, then creating the homeopathically formulated restorative. All of these functions are performed automatically with no possibility of operator error or confusion. The BODY TUNER has a sound & color module.



The Technician-Client Scenario using the BODY TUNER


*          The client is seated comfortably in front of the BODY TUNER


*       The technician has the client to hold both Hand-Held Probes or have client sandwiched

         between Large Pads.


*       The BODY TUNER START switch filtering mode is on the right side of unit.

          When    Flip up “Starting Color Sound Module”. The unit filters the

          incoming energy through a series of eight filters which purify the

          damaging energy patterns and      redirect them back into the client as

          normal energy patters.


*       The client can also receive additional healing stimuli by wearing

          comfortable headphones and listening to the tonal frequencies or Music

          if IPOD, CD or MP3 Player is connected into AUDIO INPUT.


*       Equally exciting is that while receiving this therapy, the BODY TUNERS

          sophisticated electronics are formulating and producing the specific

          Homeopathic substance through its Remedy Output plate. The technician

          has no computations or derivations to perform!


*       Remember. . .every time a client uses the BODY TUNER, the conditions

          which exist at that exact time are treated.





Music therapy is at a all time high and will be for a long time, because of the powerful healing effects on the whole body. It is a well known fact that Music has within it a combination of Frequencies that has a positive effect on the human organism at a cellarer level. We are told that Medicaid will now pay for music therapy to those who are licensed as music therapist.  This is how big music therapy has become!


The obvious stress reduction benefits from listening to relaxing music, have been proven through numerous research projects in hospitals, universities and private clinical practices over the course of many years.


Normally, the process of hearing begins when stimulus (sound wave) vibrate the tympani membrane (ear drum). The sound wave changes (transducers) into mechanical movement in the middle ear bones. A third change occurs as conversion from mechanical energy changes to hydraulic - movement in the inner ear (cochlea). A sequential firing of nerve endings sends an electrical signal via the 8th cranial nerve into the temporal lobe of the brain. The brain recognizes and organizes these acoustical, electrical wave signals and interprets sound.

Vibrational Sound Therapy uses other systems in the body to deliver vibration through the spinal card, areas of the brain stem and brain, invoking a much deeper response sound . With this direct delivery system, we have the possibility of direct cellular stimulation. Sound frequency as stimulus is given, the response and result is in the natural harmonization of body, mind and soul. Nature’s laws of harmony, as seen in and through the works of many great scientist and used in scientific manner has tapped into natures way of restoring, aligning and healing.               


Since the human body is over 70% water and since sound waves travel 5 times more efficiently through water than air, music introduced directly into the body is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation, especially at the cellular level.


Music Frequency played directly into the body also has profound effect on the nervous system. Because 1/3 of the spinal cord consists of nerve tract (countless neural pathways) whose sole purpose is to transmit data to the brain stem, Cerebellum, Pons, Medulla, Hypocampus/Lim bric System the emotion processing areas. 


How do we introduce music directly into the body?


Well -- we could build a 7 foot speaker and have you  lay on the cone of the speaker, that’s one way of doing it. This way --- You would not only get the vibrations of the music but your whole body would be in a pulsed magnetic field created by the music. Which is known to heal broken bones 50% faster and is being used in most hospitals. There are numerous books written on magnet therapies.




Liver Detoxification
Purge Heavy Metals 
Significant Pain Relief
Enhance Immune System

Improve Memory and Sleep
Increase Energy and Reduce Stress

Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse
Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems
Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge


The most simple way for music therapy -- is to convert your existing massage table into one outstanding sound table. How -- In less then 3 minutes mount our MUSIC UNIT on the backside of your massage table and insert audio cord into a player, then you got yourself one of the most incredible music table with all above benefits. However if you do not have a massage table, you can order one from  Its one of the best for the money.


Music Facial Balancing  


With the new revolutionary face probes for delivering audio music into face, it is somewhat like a audio speaker with two wires, one wire is the ground wire and the other wire is the music transmitter wire. The face, skin, cells, muscles and tissues literally become the positive music transmitter wire which causes the whole body to osculate with the music. The cells are actually playing the music causing the whole body to sing.


To Prove that the human body becomes the music transmitter -- just have the client to hold the face probes against their cheeks while the music is being played. Turn ON the speaker tester, touch one of the metal poles with your finger and the other metal pole on the clients arm, leg or toe or just very close to their body, You will hear the music coming from the speaker proving that the body is the antenna transmitting the music.


LympIonic Ozone Air System
A simple ozone generator, INPUT/OUTPUT oxygen hose. This machine is unique in that it has only hand blown glass around the ozone chamber and no metal, cement or glue within the chamber, creating the purest ozone possible. Working mainly as a water treatment system and ozone air purifier, it is generated from a cold plasma field.


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Ionic Ozone Air Purifier System





Lymph Massager (Mushroom)
A self-massaging instrument that efficiently creates ozone on the skin using a full spectrum of color (the ultraviolet light is filtered), plus multi wave oscillation and microcurrent. This ozone is absorbed into the skin and then enters the lymph fluid and blood, increasing circulation, passing more blood and lymph through your muscle fiber and sending more oxygen to your cells. Clinical studies have shown that more oxygen in the body cleanses the blood, purifies the lymph fluids, decreases muscle pain and beautifies the skin.


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h Massager (Mushroom)




Gravitational Wave Detector

We have designed a gravitational wave detector, a new instrument that tunes into the finer impulses from the universe which are the most powerful healing agents on the planet. There are many ways to introduce these waves into the body; head phones, magnetic coils, beam ray tubes, pad electrodes, foot plates, radio transmissions and infrared therapy lights. You have your choice.

This Gravitational Wave Detector comes with all the Rife technologies:
(Get more info on Rife)


Rife Frequency or create your own out of 99 group programs from .001Hz to 44,000Hz,
Rife light tubes,
Infra Red lights,
hand probes,
pad electrodes,
magnetic loop coils,
internal sweep circuitry,
and head phones
All this is included in the unit.



InfraRed Light Systems

IR Light stimulates the increased production of oxygen and hydrogen in the cell structure of the dermis. The result is greater production of collagen - a natural dermal restorative enzyme.

How exactly does IR therapy work?
It uses pulses of visible therapeutic light over many wavelengths that deliver energy to all layers of the skin. IR treatments, which last about 30 minutes, work on the principal that light is absorbed by color and that light generates heat. This IR stimulation also increases collagen and elastin production. As the cells are continuously activated, the collagen comes to the surface filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

Are there any other benefits from IR therapy?
Yes, The IR light therapy increases blood circulation and oxygenation thus hydrating the skins surface. When new cells come to the surface it repairs sun damage, age spots, pore size and helps calm rosacea. (There is no known cure for rosacea)

Where did IR therapy originate?
There are many theories, most attributed to Europe. Here in the USA, the science of light therapy has been practiced for over 30 years. It is being used in the NASA space program to aid in the rapid healing of cuts, scrapes and bruises. It is used in the medical profession (with no reported side effects) in the treatment of Jaundice, Wounds, Cuts, Burns, and various types of pain.

Will IR Light therapy work on all types of people?
There isn't any machine, system or treatment that will work on everyone, however, it is estimated that IR Light will work on over 90% of the population. For those looking for a non-invasive, minimal risk solution without any down time, it is ideal.

Can the IR Light system hurt you?
NO! There are no adverse side effects whatsoever. If the technician is using skin care products of any kind in conjunction with IR Light treatments, it is advised that they consult with their client. (Some clients may be allergic to certain products)

This unit comes with input jacks for external frequency generators. This will enable modulation of the light frequencys, although this unit will work without the external frequency generators as well.