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The Director of Nature's Touch, Paul Esch, has been involved in the design and manufacture of bioenergetic healing instruments for more than 25 years. Paul also has a passion for helping people, and has a ministry in both America and Europe where he holds group and private sessions to help people attain their ultimate health. For more information Call 678-230-2103


Some of the instruments created by Paul are currently used in state of the art spas and research centers throughout the country. His Lymph Massager is the mainstay of a program at a research center that has had incredible results with people battling cancer, immune deficiency disorders, and other degenerative diseases. Doctors doing their own clinical tests on patients both stateside and in Europe have enjoyed the satisfaction of extraordinary results for years using his Ozone Generator. His Color Harmonizer is the result of years of modifications and testing and combines several outstanding features to enhance life force and wellness. Homeopathic physicians have conducted research on his homeopathic replicator in Russia for about ten years.

About Paul Esch

Has 30 years of experience in Research and Development and Electronic Engineering of Bioenergetic Devices.

Served as the Research and Developer for Biodesign Corporation for 4 years.

Has studied and applied research of Tesla, Beck, Voll and others.

Has made Bioenergetic Devices for doctors in Germany for the past 15 years.

Researched and Developed Bioenergetic Devices for Gorbachev's advisors and staff in Russia.

Created fifty original Bioenergetic Devices for Russian doctors and scientists.

Uses Quantum Physics and Nanotechnology knowledge in his inventions and devices.

Has Researched and Developed the most advanced Bioenergetic "Spa" available.